Monday, October 24, 2011


YAY! Halloween is quickly approaching and I could blog about Halloween... but um hello? HAIR SALE? Please, there's no contest. :D Also, it's a new week for TKR! YAY for newness. And this week there is a lot of PJs at TKR... makes me wonder if there was a theme we were supossed to be following. *looks innocently at Jane* If there was, Riley and I missed that train lmbo. *Looks innocently at Jane again.* BUT without further a due, I've got some lovely items from TKR to show you and some lovely hairs from [E]! If you recall, her original store was ETD back in 2007... and if you remember her hair sales, you couldn't move! This hair sale is a lot less laggy and goes thru October 30th. 70% OFF! 

First off, we've got some adorable looking tot outfits! Both of these outfits come in tot AND Kid size! :D Score! On the left you see CCC's TKR Pj outfit, totally adorable and comes with the adorable slippers and on the right is Inner Peace's TKR item! This week she features a dress that is just adorable, comes with all you see! Both hairs are from [E] as well, left is Garden right is Mood! :) Essentials pack with black, two blondes, two browns, two reds and a white is only 75L right now!

Next, the PJ party continues with these two adorable PJ outfits! On the left, we've got CANDY's totally adorable long PJs with matching slippers and headband and on the right is Absolute Girls TKR outfit, totally reindeer PJs... YAY Christmas is coming! These PJs come in kids and Tots! Oh, and for those of you who didn't know, Absolute Girls is now a permanent fixture at TKR and no longer just a guest designer! Congrats and welcome to TKR Naffie! Both hairs also from [E]! On the left is Little on the right is Me!

Annnnnd more clothes! YAY! These final two outfits for today's blog are not PJs, we spoiled the PJ party. *giggles* On the left is Candii Kitten's TKR outfit, comes in both Tot and Kid sizes and includes the shoes and the hairbow as well, and on the right is TKR's Guest Designer for the week, Pixie Dust, with a completely adorable Halloween outfit! See, we snuck some Halloween in there after all! Comes with adorable boots and all you see here! Hair on the left is from [E] called Vivid and the right is also [E] and it's called Pretend!

Last but CERTAINLY not least to TKR is this an absolutely adorable children's coat rack by Sassafras! It comes with the coat rack, obviously hehe, complete with the chair and boots and the rug! It's so super cute. I totally moved my mommy's coat rack and replaced it with this one... Shhhh don't tell! :D

And this concludes our blog fooooor today! :D Check out The Kids Room (aka TKR) and [E] today to get these amazing sales, and check back daily for more fun stuff from Cosmic Scribbles! :DD

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome Ever After Orphanage aka EAO

Ever After Orphanage
offers a number of services not found in conventional SL adoption agencies.  We are NOT an adoption agency.  We do offer adoptions, and help parents/children find their forever homes, but as we are a newer agency, we cannot provide the availability and options that a conventional adoption agency can.  What we do provide, is protection and care to children who are accepted into our orphanage by hand picked volunteers and foster parents.  We also help parents who stop in looking for their perfect little one, to make the addition that best fits their family.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Farewell to Glitterbugs

A SPECIAL farewell to a great store!
Glitterbugs will be going out of business this SATURDAY MORNING!!!
Everything is 50L and the sale has been started.
So going to make this post simple and sweet with the writing.
So make sure you get there before its too late!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Glitterbugs - Closing Sale!!!

Last chance to get Frannie's awesome clothes!!! Good Luck to you!!! Thanks for all your hard work and awesome clothes!!! TP to Glitterbugs before its too late!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Adventures with "Sweet Baby" !!!

Who doesn't love TOYS!!! I know I sure do and so does Stephanie Leclerc of Sweet Baby. From TV sets, phones, high chars, potty chairs, and much much more. You'll find an unique variety at Sweet Baby. Not only are they sculpties but pretty much like they are real toys from that thing called... RL.

Friday, September 30, 2011

A few friends and.. me.

Hair: - Sasha.
Necklace: Earthstones - Romance Necklace.
Outfit: Absolute Girls - Audry. (50L today!)
Daybed: Sassafras - Aunt Elsie's Daybed. (50L today!)
Toys (from left to right) - Capalini Fine Furnishings (gingham bunneh) / D-Lab (goat) / Reek (huggable Hobbes) / Feather - (teddy bear) / Sassafras (ollie the owl) / Capalini Fine Furnishings (teddy bear ballerina)
Cupcakes: What Next - plate o' cupcakes.

xoxo, Janey.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not all those who wander are lost..

Tiara: Candy - Daniella Tiara.
Hair: Elikatira - Wish.
Bracelet: Undefined Lilies - Spring Has Fever (silver/mint).
Dress: The Kid Company - Damsel Dress.
Boots: Babydoll's - Country Rose Boots (earth).
Pose: Adore & Abhor - Elegance.

Location: New Toulouse Aligers. (you can rez here!)

xoxo, Janey.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Up, Up and Away!

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Up in the Hair - wild honey.
Shirt: Honey Kitty - Maple Bunny Tee - baby blue.
Pants: Slow Kitchen - Loose Sweat Pants - dark blue.
Shoes: The Kid Company - kitty flats - white.

Location: D-Lab sim.

xoxo, Janey.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

*sings* And I'll owe it all to youuuu, my little bird...

Ohai there lovely people... So this weekend I nearly almost forgot it was SUYS!! I love SUYS mainly because I get an excuse to buy furniture :D This weekend there are quite a few adorable bits buy my favorite is this desk set from Art*Dummy and its perfect for autumny back to school decorating.

Hair - Elika - Other
Skin - Laq - Jennie2 in Fair
Sweater - GlitterBugs Talullah Sweater in Purple
Jeans - Decoy - Dana 76 Jeans in Faded Dark
Boots - Akeyo Knit Boots (modded)
Glasses - Reek Augie Glasses

And some sunday tuneees for you all! This guy is <333 and he's ginger so that makes him even more awesome :D


Saturday, September 24, 2011

I was staring at the sky, just wishing for a star...

Hair: Elikatira - Wave.
Hoodie: Grixdale - My Sunshiney (Brick)
Jeans: - Low Rise Jeans (Regular)
Shoes: Zero Number - Pentanko Cross (Camel)
T-Shirt: Dream Doll - Short Sleeve Tee (White)
Necklace: Mocha - Charm Necklace (Bee) - 35L Gatcha, in store.
Rings: Mocha - Oval Ring Pink Gold (Sapphire) / Lacie Cakes - My Wifey Ring (Pink) / Magic Nook - Fly Little Bird Ring.

Location: A.M. Radio's The Far Away.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The falling leaves of red and gold..

A Quick LOTD!

On Daisie (styles from left to right)
 Hair: Lelutka - Rykiel.
Outfit: Inner Peace - Teagan.

On Kenzie
Hair: Elikatira - Hye.
Hoodie: Larnia Kids - Fall Hoodie in Purple.
Jeans: Dream Doll - Troublemaker Jeans. (store is temporarily closed. IM Giselle Melune if you need anything!)
Shoes: Babydolls - Solstars (black lace, texture-change)

On Jamie
Hair: Elikatira - Break.
Glasses: Reek - Auggie Glasses.
Outfit: Inner Peace - Grace.
Tights: The Kid Company.
Boots: Babydolls - Baby Buggs

On Jane
Hair: Elikatira - Other.
Glasses: Fishy Strawberry - College Glasses.
Cardigan & Top: Baby Pie - Maple.
Jeans: Candii Kitten - Arabella Jeans.
Shoes: *QT* - Falling Leaves Birks.
Rings: Mocha - Classical Rose Ring (black) / Lacie Cakes - My Wifey Ring (pink)

Our pose is from Glitterati!

*throws leaves at you all and skips out*


Saturday, September 10, 2011

School Days!

Happy Autumn, everyone! While it may not officially be autumn until later this month, fall is in the air around SL already, and especially because it's back-to-school time! I've gathered some cute school stuff from a bunch of different stores to share with you - some you've probably heard of, and some that might be new to you! Now, us Scribblers go to an elementary school called Oceanside, so the uniform I'm wearing is from there, as well as some of the accessories. If you don't have a school yet, definitely check it out!

Well, let's jump right into the stuff I found!

First, I found this super-fun lunch box from Larnia Kids - it's got tons of food options, like grape Kool-aid, a granola bar, egg salad sandwich, a cream donut, yoghurt and orange slices, just to name a few. There's quite a few choices of designs, too - this one's called Popsicles. My shoes are from Larnia, too - they're the OSE Khuckers, and match the uniform perfectly! The wall art behind me is from Starbrook & Seideler. I love it because I can show off my school spirit, even when I'm at home. My hair is Changes from [E] - but I bet you already knew that, huh? I've seen this hair on all my friends, lately! :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Get to Know Your Neighbor!

Howdy neighbor!!! You know those kids that you see through-out the years... either at school, camp, shopping, or even a friends house. Why not get to know them and meet a new friend? Instead of blogging about stores that we see almost daily, you're going to meet some pretty cool kids outside of the designing aspect of being a kid. Until September, there will be a blog with random kids throughout the community. Hope you like!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

The last few days of Summer ....

Ohai Long time no see! How are you? This week we are reviewing TKR and FLF mixed arent you lucky! So I mixed and matched some stuff in pictures and hopefully you can find something you like. First up is *points up* This adorable swing is found at TKR and fits you and a friend.  It has multiple animations and other cool details.  The outfit on the left is called "Kaitlyn" from FourSquare.  It has cute shorts, and sandals and a rainbow stripe tank. The outfit  on the right is from InnerPeace.  This outfit is called "Maddison", and is great for just chillin out and relaxing before school starts. *Points down now* this is showing a combination of stuff, The cute chill area is by Chio. It has multiple positions and is a cute bunk to relax on, you and your friends can have fun. Use page up or down to change positions. It is a FLF item . The dress Lainey is wearing is from Babydolls and is available at TKR. On me you can see the FLF item from Larnia Kids, its called G.I Jane and is soo cute.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grab your sunblock, beach ball, towel, and some water... we're heading to the beach!!!

With it being summer and lots of bathing suits out there to choose from. Many of us went to camp, and got to see everyone in their cute bathing suits. Some of us were thinking, omg where did they get that??? Get ready for kid style swimsuit edition!!! :) Click the pictures to see them bigger.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

We're going on a bear hunt...

Happy Saturdaaaay!! Well maybe we're not quite off on a bear hunt but still a hunt! While I've been 'busy' at work in RL I've been ninja logging on SL to do a few super cute hunts that are going on currently...and I thought I'd show you some of the cuteness you can get that is great for us kiddo's!
The PouPee hunt is this adorable with some super adorable smaller stores, most of the stuff is 'adult' based but my absolute favorite hunt item is one aimed for us kiddos \o/. It's the MudHoney Princess Playhouse and you can see it right at the top of the picture has lots and lots of adorable sits for you all all your friends! On the bottom is this lovely little bed from *Art Dummy it comes with cute little sits and sleepy poses too plus the adorable bunny hung over the end of the bed.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ohai There!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys! Here we are again already on Friday, there is alot of awesome stuff out there today but I'm Just gonna do a quick post. I hadda drag everyone shoppin with me and here is the result we all found some cute outfits, an adorable blanket and a great book to wind the night down with.

Maelie and Calla are wearing  outfits from Glitterbugs, One says My Mommys the Best, and the other one says Daddy's Girl, there is a choice of four outfits at Glitterbugs so pick your favorite or get em all!  The owl Maelie is holding is from Sassafras, isn't it the cutest little stuffie ever.

Lainey is wearing Lemon from InnerPeace and a Gummy Bear Mouthie, you can find that at InnerPeace too!

On me you see Larnia Kids, Callie Outfit, Its bright and Summery and totally cute with a little butterfly and lots of colors.

The book is called Biscuits Picnic, and who doesnt love reading stories , this is from Spronkwings Book Store, where you can find many other books for your library.

We found a blanket that wasn't on the list but its adorable and from Emjay Kids, this is a lounge blanket and seats one.

There is a cute painting pose from Lovely Smiles, and I'm sorry I didnt get the chance to get a picture of that. Also for you boys make sure you check out Glorious Insanity, and Larnia Kids, we didn't forget you either!

That's all for tonight! See You next week!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Teach Me....

How to dougie....
Oh who am i kidding, i can dougie with the best of them!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

*** Get Those Camera's Ready!!! ***

My Momma calls me, "snapshot" for some strange reason. ;) Probably b/c I love taking pictures! What better place to take pictures then camp!!! So those that are going to camp or even if you're not. I bet you all have TONS of single poses and think they're only good for single snapshots of yourself? I'm here to show you some examples of having fun and mixing it up!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Baby, you're a FIREWORK!

Hi guys! We hope you're having a fantastic 4th of July - if you celebrate it, that is! If not, well, we hope you've had a great Monday, too! :D At our Scribbles 4th of July party, we took a few minutes out (okay, maybe more than a few minutes!) to pose for a picture to share all our favorite red, white and blue outfits and accessories! Since not all the Scribblers were there, we grabbed an unsuspecting victim family member to pose, too - biiiiiiiiiig thanks to Maelie!

Here are our looks, from left to right!

On Riley:
::KeWt KiDs:: Oversized Glasses *Red*
*LC* - My Wifey Ring (pink)
*LC* (KIDS) - Mood Ring
:>Inner Peace<: Starry
-G[b]R- Pinwheel mouthie
[e] About 2 - hair
the kid company. princess tiara.

On Daisie:
Hair: Elikatira - something
Outfit: Babydolls
Necklace: (luc)
Ring: Laciecakes
Sunglasses: Kewt Kids

On Maelie:
Hair- [e] With
Outfit- Candii Kitten American Cutie
Shoes- Aura's Baby Sparkle Tennis Shoes
Accesories: Kewt Kids Oversized Glasses

On Kenzie:
aura's american sweetheart - outfit
stars and stripes shoes ~ FREE today at Larnia Kids
Kewtkids, oversized glasses
Lacie cakes Celebration poppers firecrackers
E hair - garden

On Jane:
Candii Kitten - Patriotic Cutie outfit & boots
[e] - theory - hair.
Kewt Kids - oversized sunglasses

We hope you have a SUPER fun holiday, filled with friends, food and FIREWORKS! See you tomorrow! Wait 'til you see who's back!

the Scribbles girlies!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star...

Hi guys! In the middle of all the Hair Fair buzz, the opening of the new Truth District and the excitement of signing up for Summer Camp (!!!) have you heard about an adorable little festival called The Twinkle Night Bazaar?

I checked it out just for you guys the other day, and found some cute, unique stuff that you won't find everyone wearing. And know what? Some of it was FREE, and the rest of it was super-cheap too! Always good when we're supposed to be saving our money for Camp, huh?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

2011 HAIR FAIR!! *Special Fair Post*

It's that AMAZING time of the year. A time when I feel like I truly have something to REALLY blog about and have a LOAD of fun doing.


So let me tell YOU about hair fair this year. It's HUGE, it's split into 4 sims (W.O.W). The lag isn't bad because it's so spread out! It's a great beach theme this year so it's super summery. I think that it's simple and such a cool laid back feel it makes shopping, relaxing! It runs frooom July 2nd-15th and features a TON of hair shops from ALL over the grid! So July 1st on blogger day, I grabbed my trusty purse, dumped ALLL my money from my piggybank into it and ran to the fair! (Check at the end of this post for the Hair Fair sim 1 Landmark!)

Now, I've picked 8 hairs that I LOVE from the fair, and they're ones I think you'll LOVE too!

And we have lift off....

Finally The Kid Company opened its doors to you all yesterday and I hope you all took a trip to go see this fabulous new store! I went to take a peek around late thursday night and so for those who havent been yet here's is what you can find HERE!

Friday, July 1, 2011

I know what your thinking.... CAMP

Yoyo! Everyone how ya doing? So we are back and I know there is probably really one thing your getting ready for... I know I am... and that is  CAMP .... So today we have  some cute things, that you can pack in your suitcase for camp , along with ways to get ready for camp, and some awesome stuff to make counselors do like sing... buckle up it might be a little long ride! First up Dirt... Playing on the beach and, running through all of that sand your going to want to let people know you've been having fun in the sand.. Now you can with these cute dirty feet layers, from Inner Peace they come in light and dark,and sock layers or tattoos, they look great with sandals too as you can see * points up *

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it....

*hums along for you all* Much better than me singing I promise youuu! Anyhooow I am SO excited today that I've spent the last 24ish or more hours dying of cuteness and making some pretty pictures for you all today to show you some awesome newness that is coming all of your way very very sooon! As many of you might know there is an amazing new kids store starting up this coming friday called The Kid Company and the lovely Kaitlyn gave me a sneak peek of some cuteness which you can find there!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Ohaiii lovlies....Sorry I haven't been blogging much RL is keeping me a bit too busy atm! Anywaaaayyy I know its late but I have something super exciting to show you all tonight. A new fabulous little kiddie store opened up last week and its called Dinocorn!! It mostly has some adorable little furniture sets in atm and some poses but eventually there will be lots of cuteness for you here :D

Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh Cuteness and Daddys!

Ohai everyone welcome to the FLF experience this week. Im gonna kinda do a short post and  make it quick with just a couple of things that were available , Remember you just gotta check it all out yourself... The first Oh sooo cute pose is from Candii Kitten, and is called " attack of the kidlet" I was in a directors mood so I mostly made my daddy n brother model today arent they cute *points up*

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Kids Room...Is code for 'Fill Up Your Closet!'

Wow and this week, there's tons of adorable new clothes to fill up those closets at The Kid's Room! If you haven't been there, definitely check it out! It's a culmination of some of  the best kids stores in secondlife, bringing you awesome discounted items, replaced every 2 weeks!  So get ready, get set.. SHOP!

First off, we've got our two guest stores... Absolute Girls & Glitterbugz. They both make amazing items!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

If you like Pina coladaaaaa!

Hi guys!, I've been singing the Pina colada song today, i'm not sure why, maybe i heard  my big sister singing it or something o.o
anywaaaays, It's really warm here in the UK today, \o/ so i wanted to run around all summery in SL and pamper myself so i headed over to this round of The Kid's Room to grab some of the cuteness that is out over there! I grabbed the lovely abby too cause she was grouchy mcgrouch pants this morning like me, so we needed some shopping therapy!

Me and Abby are looking super cute in items from The Kid's Room here! but shopping just wasn't enough for us, we still weren't in the best of moods despite the fantastic weather soooo we thought we'd pamper ourselves with the fab cucumber eye mask from Kewt Kids, except we were both a little hungry and ended up nibbling the cucumber instead *facepalms*

I was feeling a lot better after that cooling mask so i headed on home, but apparently i'm not allowed to be mean to my sister because i was made to promise i wouldn't!

This very cute chalkboard, with lots of textures and poses, is by the fab abby mcdonnagh at Sassafrass! But beware the parents, i feel this may get used as a timeout punishment -.-

All items found at The Kids Room

On Abby: Hair; [elikatira]Outfit; Inner Peace Mouthie; Laciecakes 

On Frannie: Hair; [elikatira]Outfit; Babydolls

Cucumber eye set: Kewt Kids

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sweeeeeet Caroline BA BA BAAAAAA


Hope your Wednesday was AMAZING! Thank you for tuning in tonight! It's going to be a quick but CUTE LOTD! The featured shop: Larnia Kids!

Now if you haven't had a chance yet, BE SURE you check out the Live. Laugh.Love Family Fair! The outfit I have on is one of the Larnia Kids Donation Items and it comes in different styles when you buy it! I LOVE it. LOVE LOOVE it. It's light and summer and just perfect! The shoes too are from Larnia! But they're from the Christina outfit! It's and Ultimate outfit, literally!! It has differen pieces you can mix and match with! Now my hair, is a NEW RELEASE form Elikatira! It's the newest hair in her collection and is just ADORABLE! Don't forget to pick it up!

For the total- full look, check out the LOTD list below, cuz I have some AWESOME accessories from Lacie Cakes that you MUST have!!


~* Larnia Kids *~ berry sweetness
~* Larnia Kids *~ ULTIMATE christina *** the SHOES**
*LC* (SS) - Friendship Bracelet (pink/black)
*LC* E (SS) KIDS -Angel Wing (Daughter) Necklace *Gift from mommy*
[e] Break - Essentials Collection
*LC* E - My Wifey Ring (color change) RARE *Gift from mine Wifey Cindy*
*LC* (KIDS) - Mood Ring
*LC* by LacieCakes - Promise String His & Hers Set

Hope your week is full of bubbles and cuteness!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sweet dreams, Scribbles readers!

*checks her watch* Yep, it's bedtime! Nobody noticed how late my post was today, right? Good! I'd like to do a little break from my usual travel section to show you one of the latest bedroom sets from Sassafras, available at the Live, Laugh, Love Family Fair. When you buy this, 50% (yep, half!) of the purchase will go right to the My Stuff Bags charity! How awesome is that? You're helping someone else, just by decorating your bedroom! :)

This bedroom set, named after the fair itself, is in such bright, springy colors! And it has unique details that you won't see in many other sets. Let's take a tour of my room, shall we?

Isn't it pretty? It comes with so many different pieces of furniture! The bed I'm sitting on has animations for a single child, two friends, or a parent and child - perfect for those bedtime cuddles. There's even a prayer pose, which I found to be a nice touch! At the end of the bed is a shoe cubby sort of thing, but you can put whatever you want in there. It comes with some accessories to put on the shelves, but mine seem to have been stolen by dust bunnies in that picture, huh? :/ Two bedside tables, two bedside lamps, and that pink rug with stars AND pillows with animations!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oh My Glittering Pixies... I'm Tiny!

I know, today is the awesome Mufasa.. er Jamie's blog day, but she's a bit busy today so I have hyjacked the blog! :D Ok so... if you haven't noticed....there's an epidemic of Tiny Tots running around in Secondlife. Personally, I've never been one to be tiny.. but if you've seen me over the past couple of days... I am currently, tiny. Darn it, I drank the koolaid and joined the cult. *makes a sad face* But you see, the reason I did so was because I kept seeing these adorable plurks from Alkatraz Constantine and her store Turducken... and she makes the cutest tiny clothes for the little tiny tots.. So I blame her. But then I also saw a cute dress from Chelsea's and I was sold. I'm currently, tiny. *facepalms* Do you want to be tiny as well? Well, there's two ways! You can get the original Tiny Tot Hud from Sweet Baby or another version from Sneek! Both work similarly I do believe. :) Now, onto pictures of me as an adorable tiny, sporting adorable tiny clothes! :D

Outfit: Serenity from CCC (Found at the L.L.L Fair!)
Shape: Nicole from Turduken
Skin: Kianna from Mynerva (YES MYNERVA IS BACK!)
Hair: Bon11 by CriCri

Outfit: Bubbles by Turduken
Shape: Nicole from Turkduken
Skin: Kianna from Mynerva (YES MYNERVA IS BACK!)
Hair: Mo by D!VA

This concludes our Tiny Tot intervention for today! Tune in all next week for awesome blogs from awesome people, taking you to so many more awesome places! :D

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Matching #2

Today I was with my lovely sissy Janey and her momma Pet and it started to rain so we all went out and played in the rain in our rainboots. They both had the cutest pair of rainboots on so i asked them to pose for my blog today!

Monday, May 23, 2011

So Many Pretty Outfits... So Little TIMEEEE!

Helllllo Scribble readers! I'm so happy to still be a part of Cosmic Scribbles! I'm Candii, for those of you just tuning in... and I'll be blogging on Mondays! I'll  be featuring lesser known or newer stores in my up and coming posts, as well as fun, random stuff, too! :D So stay tuned!

This week, I checked out three lesser known/newer stores.. two of which owned by two of my wonderful friends and one by someone I have never heard of.. but I must say, I adore the outfits I bought from her! :D

The three ADORABLE outfits above are from three different places, all equally adorable!

On The Left
Skin: Arabelle by Apple May
Hair: Josie by Magika
Outfit: Watermelon by LVS Kids (Got outfit from the L.L.L. Fair)

Skin: Arabelle by Apple May
Hair: Mo by D!VA
Outfit: Frannie by Glitterbugz (Got outfit from the L.L.L. Fair)

Skin: Arabelle by Apple May
Hair: Josie by Magika
Stardust in Pink by Petit Silhouette

I've included the SLURL for all of the outfits, so check out their mainstores and grab these adorable outfits! Stay tuned, same fashion station, same fashion place, next Monday with me! :D

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Live-Laugh-Love Family Fair!

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you've heard about the Live, Laugh, Love Family Fair - a fair made up entirely of kids' stores, benefiting the My Stuff Bags foundation. They've got events, performers and fair-exclusive items - you've GOT to check it out! The official blog of the fair is here: Fair blog! You can find the schedule of events there, as well.

Today was Blogger Day, and the Scribbles staff got pictures of all the donation items, just for you! Now, there are tons and tons of items for sale, but we wanted to focus our (and your!) attention on the charity, today. If you click on our Flickr stream, you'll see pictures of all the items that donate a portion of the purchase price to the My Stuff Bags foundation. (Store owners, if we missed out your item, it either wasn't out yet or wasn't visible. Please let us know - it wasn't intentional, we promise!)

Cosmic Scribbles Flickr - donation item pictures!

Once again, don't miss this fair. The coordinators have worked so hard on it, the designers have made exclusive items, and best of all, it's for charity!

See you at the fair!

It feels like summer!

Happy Sunday, Scribbles readers! Hope you all had an amazing week - I know I did! Last week, my momma took me to a place that was sort of a cross between a playground, an amusement park, a beach, an ice skating rink and a swimming pool, all rolled up together - Sweetheart Park - and today, in the first installment of Cosmic Scribbles' new "travel" section, I'm gonna share that place with you! (My posts are picture-heavy, jus' so you know!)

Now, I didn't get pictures when we went last week - there were about ten of us, and we were having SO much fun that I forgot to take snaps! But this morning while Momma and Riles were sleeping in, I sneaked back to Sweetheart Park and grabbed some photos. Shhhhh, don't tell! Our secret, 'kays?

When you first rez, you'll see this sign, but don't worry, it's only a joke! The whole park is (PG) and definitely fun for all ages!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gatcha Gatcha and Saturday sneak peeks!

Gooood Morning Lovlies! I'm soooo excited to be back blogging again but sadly today don't have too much time today to write a lot about each of what I'm telling you about but there are a few exciting things. To start with today the second round of the Gatcha Festival started, and my god I love gatcha's! Luckily I got some pretty cute things first time round so I didn't sit there all day trying to get them. Although I do have to say...The Gatcha Machines that talk back to you do scare me quite a bit *hides*

Friday, May 20, 2011

TKR ~ Cuteness

Hey Guys I'm so glad to be back and today we have tons of cuteness  for you from The Kids Room. If your like me you love to shop and what better way to shop then in a room of some of the coolest designers, for a discounted price???? Perfect deal right! Most things in the kid room sell for around 60 L. The products here are exclusive. Let's take a look at some of the awesomeness I found there.

First up who doesn't love Pasghetti, this kit from Whimzie allows you to cook pasghetti for your family anytime. In our house we have it alot so I was really happy to cook it for them Not so sure my mommy was happy about it... It kinda got a little messy ...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Matching #1

Something different today from me. I know we all love clothes, dressing up and finding cute things to wear to run around SL in. But what i love even more is family outfits. Whether it's mother and daughter, brother and sister or the whole family; i just love matching outfits. So from now on i'm going to try to show you some ways to match with your family members :)
A few things though: 
1. Some of my blog pictures from here on out will be photoshopped (not massively, but a little bit)
2. I'm going feature both Kids and Adult stores so some prim modding may be needed too!
3. I won't be posting SLURLS but if you can't find something you like, feel free to IM me (Francii Loxely) and i'll help you find it.
OK, enough of the boring bits, on to the cuteness!!

Gracefully Agrace!

*peeks in and looks around waving big and flipping her hair a little* Hi!! I've missed everyone. First off, I want to say how EXCITED I am to be back, it THRILLS beyond everything to welcome the original clan back and well as having some of our newest additions stay in and join us! *tears a little* AS usual, I am covering hair and accessories! Sooo here I go!

I'd like to introduce Agrace! This store is pretty perfect for any avatar. They cater to both boys AND girls and they have a mix of regular and hairs with HATS! So today, I've borrowed my best friend Aiyden to give me a hand and show you a few of the amazing hairs... with Hats!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Guess who's back? :)

Hai Scribbles fans! After lots of re-organization and a whole ton of work, we're back - blogging schedules, super fun ideas and all! Did you miss us? We totally missed you guys!

We've been working so hard on a new blogging schedule, to make sure we cover absolutely everything for SL kids! We even pulled an all-nighter last night, see? We ordered pizza, broke out the Rockstars and cookies, and MIGHT have devoured more candy than we probably should have! But all in the name of blogging, right?!

Schedule and a corny joke behind the cut, as well as outfit details - squee!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Prettyful Springtime!

So. It's been a month since we've blogged! Here are the reasons:
Lowi was kidnapped by aliens.
Riley inventented a new element and has become super famous.
Lishi got lost in one of her prank kits, she sends postcards.
Kenzie has been making funny greeting cards! (that one's actually true!)
Abby was eaten by Franzilla. Sad story.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Home Alone and other stuff!

Hi guys.. Here it is Friday again! Aren't you excited  we have lotsa cool stuff and Im gonna try to make it fast so I don't talk all night long.  Today's items are fun stuff you can do while your home alone! As always keep it a secret because I can't be gettin in trouble for stuff yanno . First thing is first how about playin in the dirt , and makin this awesometastic mudpie complete with gummy worms! from the great mind of  Whimzie.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Found my way back home...

I decided that I'd take after one of my fellow scribblers and show you all my room. I'm so excited about it because I was just recently adopted and I was able to finally have a room!! I don't know if you all know but I have a twin sister and she shares my room with me... I decorated it all because she can't be around so much and she hasn't even seen it! So I think that this will be a nice surprise to her too! Here I sit blogging to you this very moment, take a look. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Love Like Whoa....

Thats what I have to say about FLF this week.. Hiya Guys! There was so much coolness out there that I think that I gonna lets the pictures speak alot of words.. So jus a warning its gonna be a picture friendly blog.. * whispers thanks Kaydia for savin mine day today... and the normal group of shoppers because I have totally found its more fun  whens you hasa group.. and trust me we have suma the wierdest conversations during FLF shopping trips.  So lets just get started *points up* We totally toook over mine Mimi's house So thank you to her too... Kyia n Kaydia were sooo supposed to be working, but of course they totally slacked off, but at least they were wearing  these totally cute outfits from Absolute Girls, and RainyDay Kids.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Love Always...Pretties :DD

So I happened to run into some really cute NEW jewelry for kids that's currently only on sale on marketplace. The girl's name is Matches Nikita, she is a new and little known jewelry designer... and her jewelry is adorable. Today, I'm going to showcase a few of my favorites from her. Soooo away we go! :D