Friday, July 29, 2011

The last few days of Summer ....

Ohai Long time no see! How are you? This week we are reviewing TKR and FLF mixed arent you lucky! So I mixed and matched some stuff in pictures and hopefully you can find something you like. First up is *points up* This adorable swing is found at TKR and fits you and a friend.  It has multiple animations and other cool details.  The outfit on the left is called "Kaitlyn" from FourSquare.  It has cute shorts, and sandals and a rainbow stripe tank. The outfit  on the right is from InnerPeace.  This outfit is called "Maddison", and is great for just chillin out and relaxing before school starts. *Points down now* this is showing a combination of stuff, The cute chill area is by Chio. It has multiple positions and is a cute bunk to relax on, you and your friends can have fun. Use page up or down to change positions. It is a FLF item . The dress Lainey is wearing is from Babydolls and is available at TKR. On me you can see the FLF item from Larnia Kids, its called G.I Jane and is soo cute.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grab your sunblock, beach ball, towel, and some water... we're heading to the beach!!!

With it being summer and lots of bathing suits out there to choose from. Many of us went to camp, and got to see everyone in their cute bathing suits. Some of us were thinking, omg where did they get that??? Get ready for kid style swimsuit edition!!! :) Click the pictures to see them bigger.