Thursday, July 7, 2011

Teach Me....

How to dougie....
Oh who am i kidding, i can dougie with the best of them!

Those of you reading this who are going to camp, be prepared to hear that song and see that dance pretty much everyday for a week! I think that's fair warning to the councellors too :)
That T-Shirt worn in the video is a new release from The Kid Company as are some of the pretties below.
[p.s sorry for the video quality, apparently my pc did not want to upload in hq]

I was feeling like hanging out in the sun earlier so i threw on one of the new bathing suits by The kid company. Look at the cuteness, and they come with a bunch of accessories too. So worth it! I'm also showing off my fabulous new beach bag by the lovely Miss Sway over at Sways. It comes with two versions- Hand hold and shoulder hold and i just love this pattern i picked out!

I was getting a little hot though so thought it best to cover up to protect from the sun with some very cute t-shirts that are 100% ready for camp!! On the left we have a future councellor Tee from Candii Kitten and on the right an I <3 Camp Hardknock tee from Glitterbugs.

That's all for today because i have to go and start packing for my week at camp!
Peace out, campers! <3

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