Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Belated Turkey Day

So this is not my blog day, but everyone has been SOOOO busy with their Holidays, I wanted to hop in and tell everyone that I hope they had a wonderful Turkey Day, for those who celebrate it, and a wonderful crazy shopping weekend! So since I have nothing to blog, I'm going to tell you all about my insane midnight trip to the evil empire that is, Walmart.

We were looking for the 5 dollar Blue Rays and I'm standing there, minding my own business... standing between the blue ray display and the apparently dirt cheap Shark Steam Mop display... 5 minutes til go time and I start to wonder if maybe my position isn't a dangerous one. But there's like 100 of those steamers so I'm like dude, I'm good. One minute to go, Miss Evil Cart... as we'll call her, rams her cart into me and I'm like OMG...I'm going to die, I just know it. Someone screams 'MIDNIGHTTTTT' And all of the palettes get cut open and I kid you not, there are Shark steam mops flying everywhere, Miss Evil Cart is ramming into me, I get TOSSED into the Blue ray display. But, in the end, I got 5 Blue Rays and a steamer! I saw one on the ground, these two people were fighting over another so I crawled between them, snagged it and RAN LIKE HELL. Walmart is NOT on my list for next year.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday and fun, and less dangerous, shopping experience! Holiday wishes to all, from the Cosmic Scribbles Gang!