Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sweeeeeet Caroline BA BA BAAAAAA


Hope your Wednesday was AMAZING! Thank you for tuning in tonight! It's going to be a quick but CUTE LOTD! The featured shop: Larnia Kids!

Now if you haven't had a chance yet, BE SURE you check out the Live. Laugh.Love Family Fair! The outfit I have on is one of the Larnia Kids Donation Items and it comes in different styles when you buy it! I LOVE it. LOVE LOOVE it. It's light and summer and just perfect! The shoes too are from Larnia! But they're from the Christina outfit! It's and Ultimate outfit, literally!! It has differen pieces you can mix and match with! Now my hair, is a NEW RELEASE form Elikatira! It's the newest hair in her collection and is just ADORABLE! Don't forget to pick it up!

For the total- full look, check out the LOTD list below, cuz I have some AWESOME accessories from Lacie Cakes that you MUST have!!


~* Larnia Kids *~ berry sweetness
~* Larnia Kids *~ ULTIMATE christina *** the SHOES**
*LC* (SS) - Friendship Bracelet (pink/black)
*LC* E (SS) KIDS -Angel Wing (Daughter) Necklace *Gift from mommy*
[e] Break - Essentials Collection
*LC* E - My Wifey Ring (color change) RARE *Gift from mine Wifey Cindy*
*LC* (KIDS) - Mood Ring
*LC* by LacieCakes - Promise String His & Hers Set

Hope your week is full of bubbles and cuteness!

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