Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bouncing Bunnies and Some Hutches!

Haaaaiiii *waves and shares my ice-cream* This week I went in search of some new and cute bunny hutches for my bunnies. I kinda forget about them alot and with a reminder from Abby that they were in hibernation I decided I'd buy them a lovely new hutch as a way of saying sorry! So on my travels hunting for some new ones I came across quite a few that I liked....

Firstly I'll start with the Candy Bunny Homes from Slumber Kidz. This bunny house comes in two colors, the pink and purple both seen above at just L$100 each. The decorations on this house make me so hungry, with the frosting doorways, window and roof and then the decorative cupcake and lolypop outside. There is also an optional pack where you can buy accessories for this house such as rugs and bunny beds.
Warning the decorations are not edible so do not try to eat them no matter how tasty they look!

Friday, April 9, 2010

:: 50L Friday :: 9th April 2010

Friday already?! That means Spring Break is officially over starting Monday, darn it. Oh well - there's always summer to look forward to, huh? I'm so excited to share the items I found on this week's 50L lists; I hope you've been saving your lindens!

First, I wanted to mention the sim on which I took my pictures for today's post - Drowsy. It's hands-down my absolute favourite sim in Second Life. The textures on the builds are fantastically-realistic and just quirky enough to be cute without trying-too-hard. I love the landscaping, the pathways that lead to unexpected places, the hidden gifts (there are five that I know of!) throughout the sim, and the melange of shops you truly won't find anywhere else on the grid. It's a perfect place for pictures, shopping or even just exploring. Some of my favourite shops are located on the Drowsy sim as well - BP* by BettiePage, Zero-Number (0N), and Kurotsubaki just to name a few. Definitely check out this place!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dancing Queen

Happy Thursday People!
I hope everyone is having an enjoyable week. I've completely lost track of this week. Yesterday i thought it was tuesday, Doh! *facepalms*
But i definately did not forget that today was my day to show you some awesome stuff. I thought i would do another Pose Fair post since it continues until the 16th. But this one will be a little different.
Today im going to blog Dances! I have so much fun dancing around in sl, so i thought you all might want to see some of the cute dances i have in my chimera. And of course im going to show you a very cute look of the day; because, well, im obsessed with shopping!
*points below* Theres a sneak peek; but you got to read to the end to see. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Things!

Good Day friends!! *waves big* I have what I hope to be a short blog for you today but sometimes I get even to wordy for myself lol! Let me first just say if you havent already been to the hunt at MB-CreationZ then you need to rush over and hope they still have the hunt up! There is also a cute group gift in the scribo! I got some fantastic finds that I would share but I dont want to tease if the hunt is no longer up. SO RUN!

Now on to my finds for this week! I decided I would check out the Spring Bazaar and I was so excited to see TONS of kids related items! The bazaar is up til the 11th so you have a few days to get over there and alot of stuff all 50L or cheaper! I got so much stuff and too much stuff for just one post but I will share a couple items i grabbed.

First up is this adorable scooter which comes in many different colors and styles! I grabbed a couple seeing as they were only 50L!! Its covered with adorable ladybugs and its perfect for spring on the go!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Smile, you never know who needs one!

*waves and hands out extra Easter chocolates* Hey everyone, hope your Easter weekend was amazing and totally special! It's that day again, Tuesday and it looks like it's my turn to inform you on some great accessories and hair! So hooold tight and enjoy the riiiiide!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Gestures R Us

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a fun weekend. I know I am totally full of chocolate. I ate so much I think my eyes turned brown or somthing.

Today my blog post is going to be a lil different. I wanna write about a group of creators that really never get any recognition. You see, you cant take a picture of their creations. But they are a very important part of the kid community. They are the people that give us our voices.

When I first came to SL. I didn't like using gestures, they were silly. Like "Im gonna beat the whoopies out of you". Or "I love you hunny bunch, sugar plum. something" *mumbles cause I can't remember the words*

Gestures have become very important to the kid community, sure there are some that don't use them that much. But even they use some, sometimes.    So many of us do not feel comfortable voicing as kid avis', it tends to take the magic out of our SL. But with gestures we can let people know just how we feel. Whether it be mad, sad, angry or even yes.. bratty .. IKR? Kid avi's bratty?

Madalyn Seetan's Eyeama Kid Gestures, Are simply adorable. I don't think people realize what it takes to make gestures. I know for a fact that when Maddy makes guestures it can be lots of work. She spends hours sometimes. Her gestures range from the very very sweet.. to the ones that could get you Grounded or put in time out forever.  The voice behind her gestures is her little boy, who is amazing. Cute adorable and precocious.

Chloe McMinnar, Makes gestures for her store Little Miss Chatterbox, or LMC for short. They are the voice of her little girl, that just hearing her speak makes you want to say *AWWW*   Chloe also makes furniture, Toys and poses. You should check her out.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, Love Cosmic Scribbles

*Hop hop hop and waves*

Happy Easter everyone!! We here at Cosmic Scribbles looove Easter. Why? Because of Candy, Chocolate and PINK of course! We hope that the Easter Bunny has been amazing to you in both SL and RL!