Thursday, June 2, 2011

If you like Pina coladaaaaa!

Hi guys!, I've been singing the Pina colada song today, i'm not sure why, maybe i heard  my big sister singing it or something o.o
anywaaaays, It's really warm here in the UK today, \o/ so i wanted to run around all summery in SL and pamper myself so i headed over to this round of The Kid's Room to grab some of the cuteness that is out over there! I grabbed the lovely abby too cause she was grouchy mcgrouch pants this morning like me, so we needed some shopping therapy!

Me and Abby are looking super cute in items from The Kid's Room here! but shopping just wasn't enough for us, we still weren't in the best of moods despite the fantastic weather soooo we thought we'd pamper ourselves with the fab cucumber eye mask from Kewt Kids, except we were both a little hungry and ended up nibbling the cucumber instead *facepalms*

I was feeling a lot better after that cooling mask so i headed on home, but apparently i'm not allowed to be mean to my sister because i was made to promise i wouldn't!

This very cute chalkboard, with lots of textures and poses, is by the fab abby mcdonnagh at Sassafrass! But beware the parents, i feel this may get used as a timeout punishment -.-

All items found at The Kids Room

On Abby: Hair; [elikatira]Outfit; Inner Peace Mouthie; Laciecakes 

On Frannie: Hair; [elikatira]Outfit; Babydolls

Cucumber eye set: Kewt Kids

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sweeeeeet Caroline BA BA BAAAAAA


Hope your Wednesday was AMAZING! Thank you for tuning in tonight! It's going to be a quick but CUTE LOTD! The featured shop: Larnia Kids!

Now if you haven't had a chance yet, BE SURE you check out the Live. Laugh.Love Family Fair! The outfit I have on is one of the Larnia Kids Donation Items and it comes in different styles when you buy it! I LOVE it. LOVE LOOVE it. It's light and summer and just perfect! The shoes too are from Larnia! But they're from the Christina outfit! It's and Ultimate outfit, literally!! It has differen pieces you can mix and match with! Now my hair, is a NEW RELEASE form Elikatira! It's the newest hair in her collection and is just ADORABLE! Don't forget to pick it up!

For the total- full look, check out the LOTD list below, cuz I have some AWESOME accessories from Lacie Cakes that you MUST have!!


~* Larnia Kids *~ berry sweetness
~* Larnia Kids *~ ULTIMATE christina *** the SHOES**
*LC* (SS) - Friendship Bracelet (pink/black)
*LC* E (SS) KIDS -Angel Wing (Daughter) Necklace *Gift from mommy*
[e] Break - Essentials Collection
*LC* E - My Wifey Ring (color change) RARE *Gift from mine Wifey Cindy*
*LC* (KIDS) - Mood Ring
*LC* by LacieCakes - Promise String His & Hers Set

Hope your week is full of bubbles and cuteness!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sweet dreams, Scribbles readers!

*checks her watch* Yep, it's bedtime! Nobody noticed how late my post was today, right? Good! I'd like to do a little break from my usual travel section to show you one of the latest bedroom sets from Sassafras, available at the Live, Laugh, Love Family Fair. When you buy this, 50% (yep, half!) of the purchase will go right to the My Stuff Bags charity! How awesome is that? You're helping someone else, just by decorating your bedroom! :)

This bedroom set, named after the fair itself, is in such bright, springy colors! And it has unique details that you won't see in many other sets. Let's take a tour of my room, shall we?

Isn't it pretty? It comes with so many different pieces of furniture! The bed I'm sitting on has animations for a single child, two friends, or a parent and child - perfect for those bedtime cuddles. There's even a prayer pose, which I found to be a nice touch! At the end of the bed is a shoe cubby sort of thing, but you can put whatever you want in there. It comes with some accessories to put on the shelves, but mine seem to have been stolen by dust bunnies in that picture, huh? :/ Two bedside tables, two bedside lamps, and that pink rug with stars AND pillows with animations!