Thursday, December 30, 2010

Inventory Challenge Week 4: Keep, Toss, or Store?

CCC- Ani Outfit
It's finally here! The last week of the inventory challenge! Do your inventories look cleaner?

Mine's still not where I want it to be, but it's sure shaping up! I went through this past week and re-did the previous challenges. This week I'm tackling my hair/clothes and then I'm going to overcome that out of control gesture folder!

My tip for our final week is based on organization principles for RL as well. We only have so much room in our physical closets, and while our virtual closet may seem infinite, at some point, you do accumulate clutter which makes it harder to find what you really want to find.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Little bit of Everything

Heyyyy Everyone I hope you had the most awesome week if it was like mine its been onna them completely weird weeks where you dunno what way your turning .. Anyways shopping always makes me feel better so, Im pretty glad today was 50 L Friday, and I have two of the Scribble hunt items for you too! The list wasn't out when I did the pics for this week, so we are goin offa memory and what we could find while we were looking! Its gonna be  a quick blog I think
The first two things we found were books from Sprinkle and Bingles  they have an awesome set of christmas books out! What is better then a story by the fire curled up in your pajamas from Baby Couture, She had three pairs of really cute pjs there make sure you grab em.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scribble me a Christmas Hunt!


I know it's been a little quiet around here, but much like Santa's work elves, we ourselves have been busy getting stuff together for you! TODAY marks the FIRST opening day of the FIRST Cosmic Scribbles Hunt. In this post you'll find a few of the products from the hunt as well as a couple HINTS!

Scribble me a Christmas Hunt 
December 15th- 31st

We are SUPER excited to bring you this hunt, it's out first ever. How we went about it, is we chose about 31 stores that we LOVED blogging and felt made a pretty big impression in our little community. We spent the last month sorting and planning this little hunt for you the readers!

Below you are going to find a few of the products that are out from a few of the stores and a couple of hints as well as the OFFICIAL Store list in order!

NOTE: Before you read further, we'd LOVE to give a HUGE thank you to all the designers who have taken part in this hunt! It means SO much to us. You guys have been patient and amazing and SO generous with what you made. I was SOO excited when i looked through the adds, ALL the stuff out is amazing. You guys have made this hunt SO good! So give a HUGE around of applause for for the designers! You all are amazing. *claps*

*PLEASE NOTE* CANDY KIDS STORE is NOW in the hunt! All 32 stores are set and the hunt has OFFICIALLY STARTED! HAPPY HUNTING!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby It's Colllld Outsideeeee

So uh, I'm a ninja. *Makes it so no one realizes I forgot to blog yesterday* Haha. Since I forgot to blog yesterday, I'm going to blog this morning and Rileykinz is going to blog tonight. Her blog is OOBER special, so be on the lookout for that one! And since I got completely sidetracked, I didn't get to the do the blog I wanted to do. *sadface* BUTTT, today I'm going to teach you a lesson! *beams in pride*

It's -4ยบ here. Far too cold to go outside and play, so instead, I wanted to use mommy's office to write. This lesson is how to make your mommy's office look REALLY pretty. :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dashing Through 50 L Friday...

Howdy guys! Today  Im gonna try to make it short and sweet and prolly picture heavy because it always ends up that way anyways right??? I know you wanna know all the exciting stuff we found for you today so Im jus gonna get right into it ~ First up we have a really coool christmas wagon from Sprinkles and Bingles this wagon is adorable has a kid size tree perfect for your room!  and a book so make sure you click the stuff in the wagon to get it! Its a must have! The outfits Kaylee is wearing is an adorable dress from Little Wishes all in christmas colors with santa on the front! and a candy cane mouthie Adorabbble  , The dress on me *points to the right* Is from QT and in case your wondering its right across from Jumpin Jacks, It is a very cute adorable sweater dress, and it comes in four colors.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Livin Life on the wild side of Winter ~

YoYo! So today we are mixing it up tonite a little and doin stufff on the wild side, as promised Aiyden Is gonna wear a pink dress and we found the best one I promise even If I have to edit it later he will be  here in a bright pink dress. So look forward to that. It's gonna be a kinda shorter post because I'm sure your all sick of hearing from me :D Anywayssssssssss this weeks randomness is great! So I dragged mine crew around again, and then had them help me with pictures and stuff because  I suckkk at them .. So thanks to Kaydia who totally helped,  and thanks to mine crew who comes round wif me every week, Jayden, Kaity, and Kaylee, Kaydia, all help in some sorta way  So just let them know they rock if you see em rounds sometimes. Okayyyyyyy On to  Livin on the wild side of winter The first pic we have is the outfits fromInner Peace These two outfits are called Aiyden and Jill, and yep they rock, aiyden is a cute dress and Jill is a sweater n jeans set  that are totally adorable! and mine modes is cute too dont ya think * just dont tell Kaydia it will totally go to her head*  and we really don't want that. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Snowflake Experience

Hey There!  I 'm fillin in today for someone to bring you the Snowflake Experience.. And it was an awesome experience! It is the holiday season n what better way to help out then to donate to charities, this one benefits Toys for Tots. There are ten kid stores on this experience and like 50 adult stores, Im just covering the kid stuff though.  The Snowflake Experience opens on December 4th for and I suggest you check it out you get some totally awesometastic stuff... 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby it's cold outside...

 Don't you just LOVE winter? There is something SO magical about the snow looking like sparkles and the mood everyone gets into with the music and the family and the togetherness. Some people blame Christmas, I'm sure it's a factor in it, but I think it's snow! Makes everyone wanna cuddle with the ones they love!

I've got some hairs for you today, but mostly I pulled out 3 of my favourite outfits to go along with them. Some are from last years Holidays and others from the past few weeks of releases. They're all SO cute and will definitely keep you warm during those cool days outside in the snow! Also there is a small announcement at the end, you'll WANT to see! <3

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Great Giving Hunt!

Ohai! I hope everyone had an awesome holiday!   I am just sneaking in to give you a look into "The Giving Hunt" brought to us by Amame. If your like me , I totally slacked it and didn't get around to it until tonight! Be quick it ends tomorrow though so I am just gonna give a quick glimpse into some of the things you can get. First of there is awesome poses from, Sweet Moments, CCC, Glitterati Family, Just Kidding, and I probably forgot one but yah you can get awesome poses from those stores. I couldn't get pics of those but just take my word they are awesome sauce! The next cool items I wanna show is the Cow Chair from Sassafras and the outfit im wearin  sittin on that is from KickROCKS! It comes with the hat an vest!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Belated Turkey Day

So this is not my blog day, but everyone has been SOOOO busy with their Holidays, I wanted to hop in and tell everyone that I hope they had a wonderful Turkey Day, for those who celebrate it, and a wonderful crazy shopping weekend! So since I have nothing to blog, I'm going to tell you all about my insane midnight trip to the evil empire that is, Walmart.

We were looking for the 5 dollar Blue Rays and I'm standing there, minding my own business... standing between the blue ray display and the apparently dirt cheap Shark Steam Mop display... 5 minutes til go time and I start to wonder if maybe my position isn't a dangerous one. But there's like 100 of those steamers so I'm like dude, I'm good. One minute to go, Miss Evil Cart... as we'll call her, rams her cart into me and I'm like OMG...I'm going to die, I just know it. Someone screams 'MIDNIGHTTTTT' And all of the palettes get cut open and I kid you not, there are Shark steam mops flying everywhere, Miss Evil Cart is ramming into me, I get TOSSED into the Blue ray display. But, in the end, I got 5 Blue Rays and a steamer! I saw one on the ground, these two people were fighting over another so I crawled between them, snagged it and RAN LIKE HELL. Walmart is NOT on my list for next year.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday and fun, and less dangerous, shopping experience! Holiday wishes to all, from the Cosmic Scribbles Gang!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Once Upon a Crazy Night....

 Ohai Everyone! Happy Friday.. I want you to sit down so I can tell you a crazy story that happened tonite 0.o I know right be scared.. Oh wait that was for Halloween .. This one is about Winter and Thanksgiving!!!  I have some really cool things to show you about this weeks fifty L Friday and some really cute new places! Oot I love newness. Okay we started this long crazy journey right about midnight * ever notice the later it gets the crazier you get*  Okay back to the story So it was dark and wintery out in some places in others its still fall crazy weather this time of year! So our first stop was by Candii Kitten to check out the awesome "White Family Sled Pose" As you can totally see in that pic letting us kids drive  a sled is a dangerous adventure!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Love and friendship will over come every bump in the road...

Hey! Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope your day has been going great! I'm super swamped but I couldn't resist posting an adorable LOTD today with AWESOME new hair from [elikatira]! So it's gonna be a small post but it's got a lot of stuff going on too, so keep your eyes peeled!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Teeth, Sparkles and Prettiness EVERYWHERE!

So the new in thing, is definately teeth... and of course, sparkles... like duh. And if any of you know me personally, you know I usually have a teeth skin and am usually somehow...sparkley. So...I'm here today, to take you to a few places that I love where teeth and sparkles RULE! *Takes your hand and runs off onto our journey!*

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ohai Scary Looking Ad!

Candii, coming atcha live today from planet Cosmic-Scribbles! I know, today is not my usual blog day, but one of our wonderful, spectacular, sparkletastic bloggers had to leave us, so I'm going to annoy you guys today! Let's see, what to blog about. I can tell you about what I've eaten today... or my cat... she likes to claw me... Okay, that's too boring. How about, today I give you some pointers that have helped me in the past... Todays blog will be about how to, and not to, make an ad for your store!

First off. Ever walked into a store and been like OMG ATTACK of the colors and backgrounds, there's no lighting... *pulls hair out*... well, that's how I feel sometimes so to help you keep that from being your store, let's start off simple!

So many people start a store with a complete and utter mess and that is hard to get past. I’m not talking unorganized, I’m talking a poorly planned layout, poorly done ads, poor placement. How to fix it?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Up all night Making Friends with shadows on the wall..

Hiya Everyone! Happy Friday, Once again Im here just to give you a little taste on what awesomeness you can find at FLF~ And this week we have some totally neat things, It may be shorter then usual, and Im sorry but Its late and im losing my mind 0.o yanno how scary that is and can be sometimes !  So lets get started with this awesome tastic window seat from Amame This window seat has around 11 poses for you to sit in and different textures to make your window look like rain, nighttime, or even fall. You definatly need this addition to any room !  The Next place we are visiting is Just Kidding! For this Moon Pose , This pose has the stars and moon, along with four different poses to sit, I totally left the pose positions on there so you can see where!  Sail away to the stars with this pose! 

Om nom nom nom...

Heya Peeps~

Today is THURSDAY!!! And it is totally my turn to keep you guys informed of some awesome stuff and I'm super duper excited about this weeks blog!

I've been to this store a majillion times and every time I go in there I'm always "ooing" and "awing" the cute things that is there. Alatariel Muliaina is the owner and creator of ~*Mouthiiz*~  and is amazingly good at what she does. She's fairly new at what she's doing and she opened her store about this time last year. It's only recently though that's she's been able to grow in her talent. Although, soooorta new her product is detailed and beautiful! I'm just super awed by what she can do. Sooooo, here is an awesome preview of what I got from her store.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What a stupid lamb...

Hey! Happy Tuesday, sorry this is late today, I got a bunch of stuff going on! This is gonna be a quick post but I have a new hair place for you today!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who needs April Fool's Day just for jokes???

I loooove April Fool's Day but I don't really think I can wait until April to play some more jokes. I seem to get into mischief though almost everyday. But the thing is, you gotta be SLY about it all. See, when you decide to do those mischief things around the house, you have to get yourself a backup plan. Whats going to be the "excuse" or "reason" for these things happening? Plan ahead and always have a plan B! Usually that's easy if you have siblings!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fifty Linden Stuffage Tour ....

Ohai! It's been a whole week all ready! I know that everyone is still hyped up on sugar because yanno Halloween rushes last forever.. We were definitely hyped up on sugar last night and this morning to bring you our normal random FLF  stuff.  I have alot of stuff that I wanna show  you today, and because I'm doin this blog with like absolutely Noooooo Sleep at all You are gonna have to deal with some of my silliness. Like the title because I decided Stuffage is a awesome word, and Im in a silly mood, You get to learn a whole new language. * Takes a great big breath*  On to the Stuffage... *Total side note meaning of stuffage: Is totally awesome FLF objects that rock * Due to the fact of there being alot this is picture heavy blog and maybe long.. So buckle up and lets head out on this tour...

There is alot of things to show today and so I had to combine pictures to fit it all in * A few pics with a ton of things to show you coming up Be Warned* Our first item is these totally rocking  wagons that you can pick up from Twiple Twouble, Made by Emma Burks they are filled with cool animals and things. The outfits worn in this picture are from  BunnyCreek and Inner Peace, Both totally rocking fits are 50 Lindens.  

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inventory Challenge Week 3: Picking an organization scheme

Ohai friends! It's been way too long, and my inventory just keeps getting bigger and bigger! So, if you haven't done any maintenance in the past couple weeks, go back and do the quick checks I described in Week 1 and Week 2 of the Challenge.

Next, we're going to try to setup a semblance of some organization for you. Before we start this part I have a disclaimer: What works for me, may not work for you! I'll share as many ideas as I have, but you have to find a system that works for you.Since I know we all have our own styles of organization, I asked a few brave people to share screenshots of their inventory so I could have some examples. So look through, find one that looks likes yours and go from there!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And now a special announcement from...

HAI GUYS! Happy Wednesday! Usually Kaydia blogs today, but I'm taking over as a guest blogger! I'm Kaden Jules, Kaydia's hubsand, cookie extraordinaire, Ph.D. At the stroke of midnight, I sprinted for the first glimpse of the Video Game Xtravaganza Hunt, so that I, Kaden Jules, would give you the first and very best coverage of such an awesome hunt. I trekked through the grueling mountains of thousands of stores, fought the lag monster! and saved the princess only for her to steal my cookies away and get caught by evil again! No, not really. I just woke up the morning of the hunt, ate my cookie crisps and strolled through the hunt.

But still! I bring you.. *drum rolls for myself* THE VIDEO GAME XTRAVAGANZA HUNT! I've sifted through all the hunt items and collected the ones I wanted to present you all pictures of. There were a lot of neat items, I just couldn't possibly take so many pictures and cover them all - so here are a select few that I wanted to share with you all. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Everytime I turn around, something's just not right...

Happy Tuesday everyone! *shares her chocolate bars and gum with everyone* Hope your Halloween was FULL of Candy and all things scary- but not too scary! I wanna give a quick Thank You to Darla for guest blogging last Tuesday! It was awesome and super cute and I hope you all enjoyed it too! This week I'll be bringing you ANOTHER hair store, one that I stopped shopping at, at one point, but I seem to have gone back to! The new stuff is REALLY cute, kid friendly and I hope you think so too. I've got 4 different hairs and 4 different outfits to show you... so really... 4 LOTDs!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Candy Coma and Wrappers Bizzare!

Halloween. Fun times, great costumes and hyped up six year olds dressed like princesses and fairies... my favorite time of the Candii. But today, I'm not coming to you as Candii, I'm coming to you as my adult and more mature counterpart... Gwen. Today is the day AFTER the festivities that are Halloween... and now you will see the side of Halloween as only adults see it. Dun Dun Dun...

My sweet little mustard, my Zombie princess and my Angel. My Vivian Aka Mustard may look cute and innocent to you, but below the adorable surface and ridiculously cute costume, lurks terror. The twins, Nightmare and Topsy all of you already know are of course terrors so you can expect the worst from them...haha. The angel costume isn't fooling ANYONE Topsy! =P A few pieces of candy down and the girls are fine... a few more and more and eventually... 'it' surfaces. See them, sitting at the table looking tired and innocent from a long night of Trick or Treating...

After a while, I can't handle the fear of what's to come anymore and I go up to my room and go to sleep, hoping, praying that my home looks the same way when I wake up, as it did when I went to sleep. HAH! That's wishful thinking... I awake... to this.

We head down to the living room to find the girls the next morning...

I think I see a whale on fire... I need my coffee... >.<

So THATS where the car went...

They ate so much candy, they passed out on the floor.

MAYHEM. Not only have they destroyed our home with candy wrappers and sticky globs of candy everywhere... there's toilet paper, a car, a noob and FIRE! Thank god this Holiday only comes once a year! My insurance can't take multiple claims like this! Hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween!

She thinks she's fooling me by pretending to sleep...

Special thanks to LacieCakes for the evil mischief sets that my girls managed to get into. :) Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! Til next time!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The final haul on Halloween night...

Anyone else get confused about this??? Parents have always taught us to never go to up to a stranger and also, take candy from them. Yet, tonight, we get to dress up and go door to door and ask all these strangers for candy. I mean what are we suppose to do? Say trick or treat and then when they go to give us the candy, we say I'm not suppose to take candy from strangers and say no thanks??? Adults are so confusing sometimes!

Well incase you didn't know about a couple kid Halloween hunts going on until midnight tonight, you better get dressed up and don't be late! The witches, ghost, warewolfs, and more will be coming out soon!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Funtastic Awesomeness.. Or What?

 YoYo!!! So today is Friday all ready .. wow it totally flew by this week. Just a reminder if you wants me to blog your 50 L item make sure its up around midnight because thats when the crew goes shopping!!  This week we have some really cool stuff that you totally need to check outs. Some Halloweeny stuff some not so lets get started. I have a few things that rocked this week !* special side note I totally got my friends to model for me in most of these pictures, lucky joys of being my friend*  First off some really cute shoes from Larnia Kids, who doesn't loveee Hephalumps, and with these awesometastic shoes you can show it off. 
Next up we have an awesome fort made by Abby at SassafrasYou totally need this its an got to have item with alot of poses and good places to hide you and your friends can have a lot of fun and war games with this fort

Breakin' the ICE

It's Thursday folks!

I'm feeling super clean today and a bit on the coooool side so I thought I'd give you the simple slices of life and show you a cute, random game and my LOTD of the day! My day has just been sorta super full but mostly I wasn't able to focus on anything. Yesterday I was all like.. "Oh I'm going to work on everything and get all of it done!" ... ha. That so did not happen. I was just blah. Does anyone else get like that? I was lookin' through my inventory and saw this cute game and it's pose and I loved it so much because it was one of my favs when I was littler, like three. *nods*

This game is Break the Ice  and I'm sure that a lot of you peeps have played it. It's a cute game pose that comes with the props and is from Sars! When you sit with the game you attach the little green hammer and it allows a hitting motion with that arm. I like it and always have and sometimes I just take it out and play with it in my room while my mom is cooking liver and onions. >.<

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pink Hair Day

Today is what is known in my RL family as a pink hair day. Last summer my sister was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and she had a bone marrow transplant last spring. She knew she would lose all her hair, so she decided that before she started chemo, she'd dye her hair hot pink. Since the first pink hair day, it's come to symbolize to her, and those who know her, that pink hair days are days to try something new to help you have the courage to get through hard times.

She's having a hard time in her recovery right now. I'm not ready to go into details, but I'm finally ready to admit it. I know I don't talk about this part of my life much, but it's all I have on my mind right now. I'm not going to be in Second Life today to give you a cute look, or inventory tips. I promise I'll deliver that next week!

Today I'd like to issue a different challenge. Find something today to do that cheers someone else or that stretches you. Apologize to a friend who you've had a falling out with, go somewhere new and IM the owner telling them you enjoyed it, IM a friend and just say I care about you, Call a family member or friend, or be nice to someone you'd rather snap at.

Today is a Pink Hair Day. Make it worth it. :)


PS: For those of you who really want to keep going with inventory... look at your lost and found folder... :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Now, think of the happiest things. It's the same as having wings.

Good morning! Yes, yes, I know. You're thinking, "Gosh, where's Riley?" Well, Riley has a case of the hiccups, or the sneezies, or maybe it's the goosebumps. I'm not entirely sure but I do know that all three can be terribly contagious and so I've been asked to blog for the day. So here goes nothing! My name is Darla Domenici and I don't make clothes, or hair, or anything but a little furniture here and there. I don't own a store nor have I ever blogged before, but there is one thing I do and do well—I SHOP LIKE A MANIAC! I have a problem, a very big problem. That's something I'm sure you'll notice as you approach the end of this blog.

So, let me start off by saying that I decided I'd wear the most adorable jammies last night just so that I'd wake up well prepared to begin my blogging. They are called Kaylee and are green, and very Tinkerbelleish—she's my favorite 'cos my mommy calls me her Tinkerbelle —and looked so cute with my fairy wings. You can find these jammies at CCC. They are not a new release, so you can find them in the jammies room, but I will say that Chelsea also recently put out a pair of jammies named after Scribbles blogger Lishi, and those are super cute too! I wanted to blog them too but I figured I wouldn't overwhelm anybody with pictures. Imma' seem way vain as it is once I get to showing you all of my new hair!
Skin: Mynerva.
Hair: [e] Away - Blonde 02.
Jammies: CCC Kaylee PJs.
Wings: *Evie's Closet* - Tiny Lyric - Pistachio.
Anklets: *Evie's Closet* Tiny Ariel - White.
Tiara: Donna Flora CANDY tiara.
Earrings: *LC* E (KIDS) - Little Princess Set.

Now, as much as I can often be found in jammies all day long as my mommy asks me, "Hey stinky, are you planning on changing today?" I did change today and without her having to remind me! I rushed over to my mommy's dressing room, dug through my mess of an inventory, and picked out one of Babydoll's new releases. If you haven't been to Babydoll's Boutique yet then, wowzers, what are you waiting for? Seriously. Dolly outdid herself with a release of cozy, comfy, cute outfits as well as a pair of boots! Below I am wearing the AshleyRose in purplish.

Skin: Mynerva.
Hair: [e] Wish - Blonde 02.
Outfit: *BB* AshleyRose in purplish.
Earrings: *LC* E (KIDS) - Little Princess Set.

Now, I better hurry on up and get to what you guys are used to when Riley's here, right? Hair, hair, a buncha' hair! So does the name Elikapeka Tiramisu ring a bell to any of you? (Her name makes me want some tiramisu! My papa would be so proud of my tastebuds.) Oui, non? ETD was before my time, but Elikapeka's new hair store, Elikatira, sure ain't! A few weeks ago Elika teased us with two amazerous hair styles that I'm sure have already been blogged, but it wasn't 'til three days ago that she surprised everyone with the grand opening of her new store and a buncha' new hair! You can find Elikatira at the SL Marketplace which is a super cool way to avoid lag but just in case, here's your trike ride to the actual store. Also, if you take a look at the color packs of hair, Elika's done something uber awesome and that is the essentials collection hair color pack. For just 30L more than any of the other color packs you can buy the essentials pack! (Regular color packs are 220L, the essentials pack is 250L!) The essentials pack offers you a white, two blondes, two browns, two reds and a black. This is great if you like switching hair colors. But now, onto the six hairs I bought from her new release. I woulda' bought them all but my weekly allowance only goes so far!

Now, before I run off I want to tell you guys about my super sparkly sissy Katey's family poses sale at Glitterati Family. Yeah, you heard me right, A SALE! All poses are 100Ls or less! That's 50% or more on everything! In fact, you can find her Family Poses Selection Pack of ten poses for 500L at the SL Marketplace. This set is usually 1K, so it's 50% off too which is a fantabulous deal. Katey gave me the 411 on the sale and basically, Glitterati Family is being rebuilt and brought up to date! This means new poses, too. Not only that, but original Scribbler Abby McDonnagh of Sassafras is going to be selling her poses at Glitterati Family, too. Oh and by the way, feel free to message Abby and tell her to be a nice godsissy to me. She always gets me into trouble and I end up on time-out. Gah!

No, I am not done yet. I talk a lot, can ya' tell? Well anyway, I also want to mention Glitterati's pillows. Katey released these a few days ago but I had to blog them anyway 'cos, gosh, they are so comfy for napping and Imma' need a long one after this blog. These pillows come in a buncha' colors and awesome patterns, are sold in packs, as singles, or in a mega-fatpack for only 1K. I think the mega-fatpack has like 60 plus pillows, no lie! Also, the cool thing about these is that they sit multiple people on a single pillow! The menu for these pillows tells you the name of the avatar sitting on any given pose too, so if you're sitting on the pillow with a friend you can both swap through the poses that aren't being used by anyone else on the pillow. It's super neat! With that being said, every pose used in my blog post today can be found at Glitterati. Katey also recently released three new model packs of poses and those were used throughout this post.

Well, I feel kinda' outta' it now. It's nap time! I wonder if I can take a long enough nap that I sleep through lunch? My mommy's been making me eat carrots and gosh, I am not a fan! Cuddles, squishes, fairy dust and sparkles! Darla Domenici, over and out!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sounds of candy wrappers being opened... ahhh what a beautiful sound!

Yikes! I got caught! But But... I didn't do it!!! I dunno who did!!! I didn't leave this mess of empty candy wrappers.... We've been ROBBED!!! *gasp* Looking at all these empty candy wrappers, I'm becoming to realize I might end up with a belly ache soon, oh wait I didn't do it that's right. No proof!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

On the Fringe!

Today is one of those days. I've barely moved off the couch, except to get some juice or a cookie. So, Just a quick LOTD for you today...I promise next week to dazzle you, get you all excited and/or make you scream.

Two things I want to point out in my LOTD today. First, being my totally adorable outfit. Its named Lou and its from Dream Doll. Giselle Melune is the creator, she hasn't been around as long as some kids designers, but she is doing great stuff. Keep it up, Gissy!

Second, is my boots. These are the Suede Fringe Boots from Kao and they are my most favorite boots EVER made in sl. I own every color on every av and I wear them every chance I get. You do have to be extremely patient if you want to wear them as a kid...they do take a good deal of modding...but they are SO cute once you have it done, its totally worth it!

Thats it for me, today! I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! See you next week!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Snips N Snails, Sugar N Spice ...

Heyyyy Everyone happy Friday! Todays 50 L list is full of spectacular awesomeness, and totally complete randomness which is really what I like.. A variety of all sorts of things.  This week however I figured we need to include the boys so this  week we are talkin snails, and sugar, or boys and girls !  After a  long night of shopping, we settled down to read some books from  Sprinkles n Bingles They have three brand new books, all about Halloween, including The great pumpkin Charlie Brown , Say Boo, and Spookly the square pumpkin, great reading material there
Our next adventure of  complete randomness takes us to the boys .. I know girls but we gotta include them sometime right.. We have two  outfits today the first one in green is called Trouble and its from Rainy Day Kidz  It comes with shoes, jeans, shirt, and under shirt a total boy fashion . The second outfit comes from Larnia Kids, It is called TGIF  and I think its really cute for a boy fit, don't take my word though check it out yourself.  I hadda bribe Kaylee  with lotsa stuff to get her to wear boys fits for me but she is rockin it don't ya think?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Calling Hoarders!! - Inventory Challenge Week 2

Week one of our inventory clean-up challenge started with cleaning out some easy to find items. Two more "easys" came up in the comments that you might add to your list: Demo and Object. I will caution, if you're a builder, you might actually check those objects before mass deleting.... and while you're at it, give yourself a lecture on naming items as you rez them :P This week I went on a total shopping spree (Ohai Truth Hair and Babydolls!), so my number went up (39821). But there's a way do some damage control even if our inventories keep growing.

Lishi's Look: Outfit: Inner Peace Braylyn (Coming to a 50L Friday near you!)
Halloween Hair (includes hat!):  Love Soul
Pumpkin Branch Mouthie: Love Soul Lucky Chair Gift

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Restless hearts sleep alone tonight...

So I was sitting around a few days ago, trying to come up with a good blog, something different!

So I thought. I usually do hair or JUST LOTD or on the odd occasion skin. So I contemplated... what doesn't get blogged much?! Then it came to me......!! Boys stuff! I know a few guys who always compalin that there is very little for them to wear in sl. For every boy shop, there are like 20 girl shops! Plus we never really blog where to get good boy stuff. So I grabbed a really good friend of mine, Drake and took him on an hour long spree and got his avatar 'did'! (Because I was NOT dressing up like a boy for you. No matter HOW much I love you all... It ain't happening.) DON'T worry girls. I have a CRAZY CUTE LOTD for you as well!! You'll WANT to see it....

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Fall Everywhere...

So yesterday I was doing photos with my absolutely fantastical family... and my sister had this really cool fall swing and tree with a little blanket with poses and I was like DUDE. WHERE DID U GET THIS. And apparently, it was the newest release from Sassafras... so of course, it's become... part of today's post! :) Below you'll see theres three different parts that you can sit on and cuddle with your family!

The Tire Swing... which me and Vivian are hanging out on.

The Fall Swing, which my mama, sissy and I are relaxing on.

And the blanket which is STREWWNNN with pillows. It's so much fun and it's so cute!

If you are looking for a great prop for family photos or just family time, this set from Sassafras is awesome!

Also, Katey of Glitterati made this totally awesome pillows. And I know pillows were blogged already once this week, but these pillows have 10 poses in them and you can sit with MULTIPLE PEOPLE! Now, of course if you are on certain poses, you are totally sitting on eachother... but that's okay. :) Our final pic for the day is my whole immediate family, chilling on two of the Glitterati pillows. SO PERFECT for movies, hanging out and PHOTOS! Join my next Monday for more!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

"like OMG did you see what she was wearing? It was soooo Spooktacular!!!"

14 days until Halloween!!! I'm a student at OSE and we had an amazing dance put together by the Little Leaders group and Jill & Gattz for the music, esp. NKOTB ones! hahaha! So round of applause for you hard workers. Looking at all the amazing costumes I had seen, I decided to get the kid community help. I picked out 4 costumes worn by girls from the a.m. dance. I thought the girls had put some time into these & thought out of the box. You know me, I like that stuff! Saving my costume blog for Halloween!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Visit From A Friend?

So...this morning, I was totally abducted by aliens! I was standing on the roof of the house, minding my own business and this cute little UFO came flying down out of nowhere!

It seemed to be piloted by an adorable, fuzzy, little hamster! I couldn't understand a word he was saying, but he definately understood me when I told him to move over because I wanted to drive!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

A day in the Life...

Ohhh wow here it is already 50 L Friday and do we have some cuteness stuff for you today. Lucky for you guys I dragged my family along with  me when I went 50 l Friday shopping I wanted to make sure they knew exactly what kinda work I do here ... Yanno how adults can be .. Little did they know I had my evil plan of making them  help me ! I am soo totally sneaky like that. So  first thing first Lets start with the uber cute Halloween Costumes that we have for sale at Larnia Kids The first is great for boys and girls, It is  the Homemade Robot cotume, The next one is the Ragdoll costume and you can get them both for 50 at that link up there. I totally had my mom and dad Jill and Gattz in case you didn't know them model these for me to show you all that altough these costumes were  made for kids, looks good on adults, but looks best on kids~ It's Halloween fun for the whole family .. Are they not the cutest parents you've ever seen! How many would actually dress up for you * they rock* Okay after that totally little side note lets move on to our other fabulous finds.
I don't know about you guys but I totally love a good day when I can go fly a kite, This totally awesome Kite is made by Cindy Lu of Gigglebox.  It is really simple and easy to fly, I figured it out and everyone knows im kinda spacey!  So Here I thinked what better thing to do but fly a kite at 3:00 am! So make sure you check out giggle box and  get this kite!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cushions Galore... it's crazy, i'm crazy!

Hey Hey Hey! <3

I have the biggest treat for you guys today! And no, it's not candy or cookies or cake! I go to my Uncle Cree's house often and when we watch movies we sit on the most awesome bean bag chairs ever!!!!!! Sooooo I'm going to tell you about them and show them to you and then you are going to go out and get them! **In case you haven't noticed... >.> ~whispers~ I love exclamation marks... <.<  For those of you that know me, you know I am a social butterfly and am naturally loud at everything I do. ~snickers~

They, the bean bag chairs, are called ++LP2++ Soft Cushion Series and they are created by Yasuki Beck. I am seriously in love with these cushions. Not only are they comfy for my toosh BUT they totally rawk as far as their texturing and shadows are concerned.
I'm going to show you two pictures of the cushions and there's something wicked cool about them and I want to see if you can tell what it is!

Cleaning my Closet! 4 week challenge to a cleaner, tidier inventory

Outfit: White Cat by Larnia Kids
Did you know huge inventories are more at risk to lose items than those that aren't as unwieldy? (okay, this is anecdotal only, but it's what I've noticed)

How big is YOUR inventory? Mine has 38,644 items today.... and it's a disaster!

Despite continued efforts, our inventories can get crammed full of stuff we don't need. This hurts our load times, the ability to find what we want, and increases the potential to lose inventory. This can really stink when we've spent good L$ on our stuff! We want to be able to find and use all 30K of those items!

So, for the next 4 weeks, I'm going to share with you some tips on how to start taking that unwieldy inventory and making it just a little more manageable.