Saturday, June 18, 2011


Ohaiii lovlies....Sorry I haven't been blogging much RL is keeping me a bit too busy atm! Anywaaaayyy I know its late but I have something super exciting to show you all tonight. A new fabulous little kiddie store opened up last week and its called Dinocorn!! It mostly has some adorable little furniture sets in atm and some poses but eventually there will be lots of cuteness for you here :D

This wonderful new set from Dinocorn had such a wonderful name you know....its called Princess Jamie's Bedroom! It comes with so much cuteness its hard to fit it all in. There's the lovely bed with sparkly canopy hanging over it...and an adorable little vanity dresser and stool with matching Jewelery box too...where you can hide all your mommy's makeup you erm borrow :)

It comes in three amazing colours so if your a girly girl then there's the strawberry set...a bit less girly and a purple fan like me there's the plumb set and lastly for all you cool kids there's the blueberry set! My FAVOURITEEEE ever part of this set, and yes it did need those capitals is the snuggle chair! You can kinda see in the top picture of the plumb set me and my bigger scarier self sitting in it. I just love it especially when I'm not having the bestest of days and I can sit and have lots of snuggles from my momma's and it makes it a whole lot better :D

Okaaaay I'm rambling tonight...too little sleep and so wide awake! You should all go check out this adorable new store HERE and go see all this cuteness for yourself!

*hugs and kisses*


  1. ♥♥ tyyy !! you look so cute and I'm glad you yelled at me about the snuggle chair :P