Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sweet dreams, Scribbles readers!

*checks her watch* Yep, it's bedtime! Nobody noticed how late my post was today, right? Good! I'd like to do a little break from my usual travel section to show you one of the latest bedroom sets from Sassafras, available at the Live, Laugh, Love Family Fair. When you buy this, 50% (yep, half!) of the purchase will go right to the My Stuff Bags charity! How awesome is that? You're helping someone else, just by decorating your bedroom! :)

This bedroom set, named after the fair itself, is in such bright, springy colors! And it has unique details that you won't see in many other sets. Let's take a tour of my room, shall we?

Isn't it pretty? It comes with so many different pieces of furniture! The bed I'm sitting on has animations for a single child, two friends, or a parent and child - perfect for those bedtime cuddles. There's even a prayer pose, which I found to be a nice touch! At the end of the bed is a shoe cubby sort of thing, but you can put whatever you want in there. It comes with some accessories to put on the shelves, but mine seem to have been stolen by dust bunnies in that picture, huh? :/ Two bedside tables, two bedside lamps, and that pink rug with stars AND pillows with animations!

In that picture up there, you can see the edge of the couch, but here's a better shot!

It has tons of cute poses - this one's called "bored." I wasn't bored, of course, but very sleepy! In the corner of my room is the vanity, and a super-comfy chair. When me and Riley borrow Momma's makeup, that's where we'll be sitting to put it on!

This set also comes with a window seat, only I have it up against my wall for now. It's got cozy pillows with animations, lots of shelves for your super-special things, and drawers at the bottom, for hiding candy stashes (no stache jokes, Riles!) or other top secret stuff you don't want your parents to find. I love it for taking an afternoon nap, all snuggled up.
After a long night of blogging, I loved being able to curl up in this comfy chair. And see that table next to me? It's a coloring table! It comes with crayons but my sister Frannie has taken them for a midnight snack, so who knows when we'll see those again. :/ The set comes with four chairs, perfect for having friends over to do crafty things!

Isn't it pretty? I never stop being amazed at what Abby McDonnagh comes up with! Last but not least, here's my LOTD. Really, because I've been wearing my pajamas all day today. :)

My hair is from [E] - did you know she just released two new ones the other day? This one's called Play2, though. My jammies are from Dream Doll - I LOVE this store! If you haven't been, you definitely should go. These jammies are exclusive at the LLL Family Fair, and again, the proceeds entirely benefit charity! See what I'm holding behind my back? A blanky! I love it. :))

See you next week,
Janey xoxoxo

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