Thursday, July 7, 2011

Teach Me....

How to dougie....
Oh who am i kidding, i can dougie with the best of them!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

*** Get Those Camera's Ready!!! ***

My Momma calls me, "snapshot" for some strange reason. ;) Probably b/c I love taking pictures! What better place to take pictures then camp!!! So those that are going to camp or even if you're not. I bet you all have TONS of single poses and think they're only good for single snapshots of yourself? I'm here to show you some examples of having fun and mixing it up!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Baby, you're a FIREWORK!

Hi guys! We hope you're having a fantastic 4th of July - if you celebrate it, that is! If not, well, we hope you've had a great Monday, too! :D At our Scribbles 4th of July party, we took a few minutes out (okay, maybe more than a few minutes!) to pose for a picture to share all our favorite red, white and blue outfits and accessories! Since not all the Scribblers were there, we grabbed an unsuspecting victim family member to pose, too - biiiiiiiiiig thanks to Maelie!

Here are our looks, from left to right!

On Riley:
::KeWt KiDs:: Oversized Glasses *Red*
*LC* - My Wifey Ring (pink)
*LC* (KIDS) - Mood Ring
:>Inner Peace<: Starry
-G[b]R- Pinwheel mouthie
[e] About 2 - hair
the kid company. princess tiara.

On Daisie:
Hair: Elikatira - something
Outfit: Babydolls
Necklace: (luc)
Ring: Laciecakes
Sunglasses: Kewt Kids

On Maelie:
Hair- [e] With
Outfit- Candii Kitten American Cutie
Shoes- Aura's Baby Sparkle Tennis Shoes
Accesories: Kewt Kids Oversized Glasses

On Kenzie:
aura's american sweetheart - outfit
stars and stripes shoes ~ FREE today at Larnia Kids
Kewtkids, oversized glasses
Lacie cakes Celebration poppers firecrackers
E hair - garden

On Jane:
Candii Kitten - Patriotic Cutie outfit & boots
[e] - theory - hair.
Kewt Kids - oversized sunglasses

We hope you have a SUPER fun holiday, filled with friends, food and FIREWORKS! See you tomorrow! Wait 'til you see who's back!

the Scribbles girlies!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star...

Hi guys! In the middle of all the Hair Fair buzz, the opening of the new Truth District and the excitement of signing up for Summer Camp (!!!) have you heard about an adorable little festival called The Twinkle Night Bazaar?

I checked it out just for you guys the other day, and found some cute, unique stuff that you won't find everyone wearing. And know what? Some of it was FREE, and the rest of it was super-cheap too! Always good when we're supposed to be saving our money for Camp, huh?