Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gracefully Agrace!

*peeks in and looks around waving big and flipping her hair a little* Hi!! I've missed everyone. First off, I want to say how EXCITED I am to be back, it THRILLS beyond everything to welcome the original clan back and well as having some of our newest additions stay in and join us! *tears a little* AS usual, I am covering hair and accessories! Sooo here I go!

I'd like to introduce Agrace! This store is pretty perfect for any avatar. They cater to both boys AND girls and they have a mix of regular and hairs with HATS! So today, I've borrowed my best friend Aiyden to give me a hand and show you a few of the amazing hairs... with Hats!!

I've pretty much been running around wearing this hair for a few days now! It's called Military Cap "Loose Chignon" ~ (Dark brown). I loove it. It's great for summer attire. The hat itself is colour and material change so you can match it to most of your outfits and I love looove the little side bun! The next hair, Military Cap "Airy Long" ~ (Dark brown), is similar too, except it's a longer hair, however it's SUPER pretty!! Check it out below!

Now, if you're a boy looking for great hair, Agrace is perfect, they have a pretty good selection of hairs and hairs with hats! I stole Aiyden Gilman to give me a hand and model, and he rocked it!

Just like the other caps, this hat is texture change as wll and pretty awesome for any boy! There are MANY more too at the shop!! Doesb't he look awesome?!


 For our LOTD I've go on pieces from different outfits! This one of my favourite shirts right now from Gigglebox by Cindy Lu coupled with my Skirt from a winter outfit, from Babydolls! I loove the Bracelets on Aiyden, they are awesome and from LacieCakes by Lacie Chambers and they come in a pastel colour set as well!

 On Aiyden:
Mouthie: (-Atypical) Scorpiopop and Guitar Pic Crossbone both from the same store
Hat/Hair: Argrace
Pants: JP Broadly Pants Black/male (These are made for adults BUT they're mod!)
Jewelry: LoopyLoops from Laciecakes Bloacks NL & NomNom from TKR, and Skulls Bone Wristband from Lil Punkz
Worn on Pants: Lanyard: Amame (Comes with the SuperHero Outfits)
Shirt: *ASrock* Famous Blue (Item sold only on Marketplace) *Please NOTE this IS an adult store...*

On Riley:
Shirt: G[b]R- Shirt ~Plurk (Black) - Gigglebox
Skirt:*BB*  Jennica in Pink Skirt- Babydolls Boutique
Shoes: *BB*  Caymen Sandals- Babydoll's Boutique
Hair: Agrace
Jewelry & Mouthie: LacieCakes - *LC* (KIDS) - Blocks NL & NomNom Set (pastel), *LC* E (KIDS) - Innocence Anklets, *LC* E - My Wifey Ring (color change) Boxed RARE, *LC* (KIDS) - Mood Ring (AD).

SPECIAL thank you to Aiyden Gilman for his help!!

Seee you all next week!

Peace, Love and Hair,
Riley Sapphire


  1. Awwww i'm soooo glad you really liked Argrace! It's nice showing friends new places to shop! :D

  2. I love this! You loook so cute. :)

  3. Awesome, Riles! I love that place, I'd never heard of it. Must check it out! <3