Saturday, April 3, 2010

Drip, drip, drop Little April Shower....

Helloooo Everyone and Happy Easter or well almost Easter! Today I have a few things lined up because I couldn't pick which one I loved more to show you. So first of all is this gorgeous new bedroom made by the lovely Amaliscious Destiny from La'Licious and its the Playhouse Bedroom Set.

Friday, April 2, 2010

:: 50L Friday :: 2nd April, 2010

Hi, everyone! Happy Almost-Easter! If you know me in-world (or have me on your Plurk timeline!) you know how excited I've been about Spring Break! Today is the first official day of it and guess what? I'm blogging in my jammies, before Mommy or the other Scribblers are even awake. (Except Frannie just woke up, so I'll be a bit distracted now.) I've got some keyyyyyyute things to share with you today from both the kids and the adult 50L list but first I wanted to show you something super-fun for Easter - an Easter-egg-dyeing table, from Sway Dench, the same designer who makes those adorable Cookie Bears.

The Scribblers were snoozing, but my friend Linsay Aya, one of the designers behind the kids' shop Scoop was awake, so guess who got dragged into dyeing eggs? This table is SO adorable! It comes with six tubes of paint (three "opened" and three closed), two paintbrushes, two eggs, a carton of eggs, three bowls of dye, and a whole basket already filled with coloured eggs. Also! The table cloth and chair cushions are texture-change, so you can match them with your decor or change them to random Spring colours like we did. Definitely hop on over (get it, hop? Easter? hahaha!) to SwayLand and grab one of these tables!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pose Fair....No it's not an April's Fool

Wow! That time is finally here! POSE FAIR...Well almost here; it officially starts tomorrow at 4pm. I'm sure you can hardly contain yourselves. I know i've been wetting myself with excitement for weeks.
I'm just going to show you some of my favourite poses today and some very cute kid's poses that are available at pose fair; afterall, theres alot going on over there. so you've just gotta check it out for yourself!

Warning: Lots of piccys! (though by now im sure i dont have to warn you that my posts are always picture heavy)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lazy Dayzzzzz!

So today and actually the last few days have been rather lazy for me althou I have managed to do alittle shopping! What girl doesnt make time for shopping? Nothing to report as far as freebies/hunts or again I am just missing them.... But I figure I should at least post a LOTD!

So this will be super short and simple! While enjoying my laziness I thought I would relax on the beach with a nice cold drink, I dont know about you but I am so ready for summer!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The wonderful thing about Tigger, is Tigger's a wonderful thing!

*Twirls her hair and smiles* Hey! Happy Tuesday all! Yes, it's already Tuesday and here I am, ready and of course willing to bring you your weekly dose of hair and accessories!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I can tell it's Monday!

Ohh What a day. I am sorry I am a posting a little later than usual today, but omg, it's been nuts! See I had this really cool LOTD planned for today, I mean the coolest, and I totally overslept!

 Here I was sleeping totally peacefully, well as peacefully as you can with curlers in your hair.

I sat straight up in bed as soon as I figured out I was running late! Hurrying up and trying to fix my hair. I came up with a total mess. 
Luckily Jamie was around and helped me straighten it out. And now I could get dressed! 
I dug through my closet and came up with the most awesome shorts from Gear Shift. These shorts are so cool! They are baggy and comfy, and look awesome!
Next I needed a shirt,  Crewneck Tee from is something that goes with anything, and I honestly do wear it with anything. I have it in all colors and its perfect for the layered look or even just wearing by itself.