Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh what a night!

Heyyyy Everyone So we are back I am thinkin this is gonna be kinda a shorter post then normal Im combining alot and mixin it up some.  There is a ton of total cuteness out there today and boys today we have two outfits for you ! So your not forgotten first off. Whimzie made an awesometastic Rootbeer Party kit, so me and Logan sat around n drank a few cold ones while we worked on this check it out *points up* this kit comes with chips, paper cups, and a keg, plus a six pack, Everything you need for the ultimate party!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Absolute Adorableness!

'I'M ALIVE!' Candii Destiny giggles sweetly. I soooo have not blogged, I've just been so busy with my RL dad's ailment and the store and ugh, I'm terrible! Shun me. Hehehe. Okay, so to make it up to you I'm blogging, totally a day late... Shh. :)

Each week, the blogs feature mostly stores we've all heard of like the ever so fabulous Babydolls, the ridiculously adorable Larnia Kids, the for the sweet princess in all of us, Chelsea's and so many more wonderful designers. Today, on my one day late blog, I'm going to show you another store which is Absolutely Adorable, Absolutely Sweet: Absolute Girls! Absolute Girls' owner and designer is Naffie Nexen and it's hard to miss the fact that over the past few months, her stuff has gotten to be, well, down right adorable! Today, I'm going to show off three of her newest creations and let you know, she is just finishing out a Buy One Get One sale, so hurry over!

Please avert your eyes to our beautiful collage below of some of Naffie's newest creations! :)

Frommmmmmmm left to right:

Outfit: Candii
Comes With: Dress, Tights, Mary Janes, Choker, Bracelets & Headband!

Outfit: Bleu
Comes with: Dressm Sandals, Adorable Hat and shoulder bows!

Outfit: Hello Kitty
Comes With: Kitty Dress, Bloomers, Sneakers, Jeans and kitty shirt!

There's plenty more to see at the newest up and coming store, Absolute Girls! Stay turned for more awesome posts on the Cosmic-Scribbles Blog! See you next Monday... erm yeah, we can pretend today is Monday! :)