Sunday, May 22, 2011

It feels like summer!

Happy Sunday, Scribbles readers! Hope you all had an amazing week - I know I did! Last week, my momma took me to a place that was sort of a cross between a playground, an amusement park, a beach, an ice skating rink and a swimming pool, all rolled up together - Sweetheart Park - and today, in the first installment of Cosmic Scribbles' new "travel" section, I'm gonna share that place with you! (My posts are picture-heavy, jus' so you know!)

Now, I didn't get pictures when we went last week - there were about ten of us, and we were having SO much fun that I forgot to take snaps! But this morning while Momma and Riles were sleeping in, I sneaked back to Sweetheart Park and grabbed some photos. Shhhhh, don't tell! Our secret, 'kays?

When you first rez, you'll see this sign, but don't worry, it's only a joke! The whole park is (PG) and definitely fun for all ages!

There's an adorable puppet theater at Sweetheart Park! You get your very own set of bear puppets to wear, and you can stand inside the little theater and make up a puppet show for your family! My story was about two bears who get to have ice cream for dinner every night, and have no bedtime, and can watch as much t.v. as they want... think my momma will get the hint? :)

 Next, I found this really fun basketball game! I tried and tried to get the ball into the basket - my friends will tell you I'm not exactly the "sporty" one of the group! - but eventually, I climbed up to sit on the sign and pushed the ball in that way, instead. My score's still zero, though. Darn!

There's a super cute game at Sweetheart Park called Lucky Ducks! You choose a duck by clicking it, and if it's a winner, you get a prize! I think the owners of this park are nice and made all the ducks winners, though. >.> You can click as many ducks as you like, but you gotta give someone else a turn, in between your clicks. :)

After collecting all my prizes from the ducks, I had to take a break and check out the playground at Sweetheart Park. It's got everything you can imagine to play on - merrygoround, swings, climbing frames, a teeter-totter, those animals on springs that you can ride, and of course, two awesome slides. I tested out the swings for you, and they go SUPER high up!

I was really brave for you today, Scribbles readers. I really was! I went on the scariest amusement park ride, just for you! This ride goes up up up and then flips you over, and can seat about twenty people, you can all go on at once. I tried not to show how scared I was though - think I did a good job?

Errr, maybe not, huh? :/ But next, I had my fortune told by Zoltar (and you can, too!). My fortune said that my sister Francii should give me all the clothes and shoes in her closet, and all her desserts after dinner for the next eighty years. Mhm, it did! After Zoltar, I went on the bumper cars! Oh my gosh, when you bring your family and friends to Sweetheart Park, you have to go on the bumper cars - it was so fun, and we were laughing so hard! Eventually, if you hit someone's car enough, it blows up and they have to get a new one!

After all that fun stuff, I definitely needed a break, so I stopped to get some ice cream. Mmmmm! I chose strawberry, but you can choose from eight different kinds - for free! Just click the menu, and pick your ice cream. Totally refreshing after an afternoon running around the park!

To sum it up, there are TONS of things to do at Sweetheart Park - I only showed you a few. I took a birdseye view shot of the whole place, just so you can see how much stuff is there to chose from. Make sure to allow yourself plenty of time when you go. Take your own pictures, maybe, and show us what you liked best?

Last but not least, here's my LOTD! I wore a super-cute shirt from Gato - it's got doggies all over it, see? It was only 60L but I'm not sure how long that price will last. My jeans are from Aoharu and are called wide denim pants. My shoes are the courtyard slippers from Surf Co, and the hair I'm wearing is called Later, from [E]. See my bracelet? That's made of clothespins, that you can click to recolour if you like. It's from a shop called Kari. The poses I used in my posts today are from Do Re Mi and [SiA] (both of which are now closed, but please drop me a NC in-world if I'm wrong and I'll correct this)!

Hope you enjoyed running around Sweetheart Park with me today. I'm off to coax my meeros - my very first ones! Have a fantastic, amazerous Sunday and stay tuned tomorrow for Candii's post! :)

*flings sparkles and cupcakes at you*
Jane, xoxo

P.s. BIG THANKS to my little friend, Lillie Button, for the heads-up on this super-fun park! :)

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