Friday, March 18, 2011

A Love Like Whoa....

Thats what I have to say about FLF this week.. Hiya Guys! There was so much coolness out there that I think that I gonna lets the pictures speak alot of words.. So jus a warning its gonna be a picture friendly blog.. * whispers thanks Kaydia for savin mine day today... and the normal group of shoppers because I have totally found its more fun  whens you hasa group.. and trust me we have suma the wierdest conversations during FLF shopping trips.  So lets just get started *points up* We totally toook over mine Mimi's house So thank you to her too... Kyia n Kaydia were sooo supposed to be working, but of course they totally slacked off, but at least they were wearing  these totally cute outfits from Absolute Girls, and RainyDay Kids.
Next up check out Kaydia who is wearing DolleePockets Spring outfit, totally adorable with awesomesauce flowers on the shirt. She looks cute right?Normally I have my own Backyard hair salon.. However today Kaydia took matters in her own hands and Cut her own hair *whispers* While she was doing it she kept singing " I cut my hair everywhere* maybe she was a lil tired. This I cut my hair comes from Gigglebox, and while talking about Gigglebox you have to check out what happened when I tried her I pierced .. * Smiles* I needed somethin for a new look n now I think i got it :D
This dress is from Inner peace and is so adorable I love the purple n green, two of mine favorite colors.  * whispers* a little thanks to my uncle roman for usin his room while we took over mine grammas house. *Grins* The necklace I am waring is called Lucky Charm necklace and its from the many selections you can get at Rawr Muffinz theres a alot of different things.
Take a close up look here, that adorable Bear is called Nevy, from Sassafras, there is a option for you boys too called Cree. So make sure you grab em, Now the outfit there is from Larnia Kids, cute right.. *thinks* But remember dunt stand on counters or tables * eyes Kaydia* its dangerous and stuff. * smiles big* because I know mommy is reading this n would wanna hear that stuff..
So Whimzie put out these picture bubbles and you can really make sure  that people know exactly what is goin through the people in the pictures mine .. take that middle one of Jayden.. She is totally saying that is a NO! and cutie pie n that one on the end says its hard to be so gangster, there are a ton of other sayings too. Make sure you get them .
Okay before you get to excited here , No I didn't get in trouble, everyone knows that I am a total angel n never ends up on time out... but Sometimes you lose a bet and I did, at least I look cute doin it right.... This colorful outfit is from Vicarious Vitae, Its cute colorful n loud what better things can you ask for.  Thats some of the awesomeness we have for you today! Make sure to check out alla the stores though!!!


  1. Kenzie, amazerous post as always! <333 Lishi