Saturday, September 11, 2010

Grey really is an awesome colour!

I am in an exceptionally good mood today & i'm all smiles! So i thought i would brighten your day with some super cute stuff from Wear Grey.

Wear Gray is a gathering of SL designers from across the grid of all styles and genres, coming together for two weeks of fundraising to raise funds to go towards the American Brain Tumor Association to aide in the awareness, research and aiding those that suffer from brain tumours/cancer, for more information about them you can visit
The event runs from September - 12th through til the 25th, 2010!  and there are a bunch of kid's stores involved too. One of them being our very own Abby and her store Sassafras

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Everyone deserves the chance to fly

The Sun is shining and it's lovely and warm today which is putting a smile on my face. I've been skipping around singing to myself all morning, but i had to stop doing that just for a minute to show you some cute stuff i found.

Since it's pose Thursday once again i wanted to show you all one of th lovely new pose releases from Sweet Moments. I love this store and it's been a while since their last pose release so i ran down to grab this one when it came out.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air?

A Glitterific Look of the Day!
I wanted to share this adorable look with you all today! My outfit is one of TEN new releases at Inner Peace this week! Isn't it adorable? I just love the sparkly heart, the prim accessories- sleeves, shirt, bangles, and those adorable shoes with layered socks.
I also love this new hair!  This style from Magika (at the Hair Fair) is so perfect for me - because when I was a RL kid, I always had my hair in my mouth. It reminded me of that terrible habit that it took forever to break, haha! A warning- it does require a little modding to get the hair to fit in the mouth just right.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bloom in the Ploom

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have a small little LOTD for you with a NEW hair place! I hope your weekend was super fun and for those of you with the Monday off, I hope you had a lot of rest! I ALSO hope that you checked out the hair fair! I went agaain this weekend to grab a few more things to show you all. One of the things I picked up was this super cute hair called  Browns 1 - Crush from Ploom. This was my first venture into the booth since it was not open on Blogger day. The hairs there are so so cute and I even went to check out the main store! Isn't this hair cute though? I love how long it is and the little pins. It is a two coloured hair but it's a really pretty colour!

To top off my awesome hair, I grabbed one of the NEW releases from Candii Kitten called [C*K] Coley Oufit. I just LOVE the boots and it even comes with a super sweet hat! She's got this awesome fall release out that's so warm and cute looking. You definitely need to check it out!!

I hope the rest of your day is amazing and so great! Stay Sweet!

Riley Sapphire

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Fight... Heard Around the World!!!

:: Warning :: Do NOT blame me if you decide to buy this and get in trouble/grounded from your parents. I'm just showing it because SL won't let me on without crashing. My graphics card is seeing the last of its days. So instead of not blogging at all today, I looked to see what I had on my computer. Muahaha... oh yes, a video I made!
*Frying Pan Not Included*