Saturday, July 24, 2010

If I could be princess for a day...

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your lovely weekends! Today I am bringing you a quick but lovely LOTD (xs 2!) I popped on and got my big sissy Lishi into a gown for you all! And of course, I got into one too. I also wanted to show you's newest hair release, they're SO pretty, you'll love them.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Kids 50L Friday!!

Hi Peoples!  I have taken over 50L friday, well at least for this week.  I do have to say there was some awfully cute outfits out, but sadly there were hardly any toys, furniture or accessories (hint hint).

I started out at Babycouture where Kylei had an really cute outfit named "Florence"  A sage colored tropical top with pink shorts, simply adorable. Sadly I forgot to take a picture. Yes I fail. But you really should check it out :)
.2 Giggle box- A really fun drama kit, touch the mouthie and it has a saying about No drama :) It also comes with a drama mask.
3.Hopscotch- I wasn't able to find it, and I was really bummed. Jordyn is coming out with some really cute stuff-make sure you check Hopscotch out, because I bet it;s out now.
4.American Beagle- They had some cute outfits out, for boys and girls. I am not into the punk princess look, but if you are. You should really make sure you stop by here. I did buy some color changing flip flops. You can change the color to up to 66 different colors.
5.Arrowmint- See Picture
6. Aura's- Cute Mommy loves me Pjs
7.Babydoll's Boutique-See Picture
8.Bunny Creek- Adorable pink skirt outfit.
9.Candii Kitten-See Picture
10.Chelsea's Children Clothes-See pic #2
11. Design of Princess Store- Could not locate
12.Dollee Pockets- Very cute bright purple and green polo shirt with skirt, comes with matching tights and perfect flats.
13.Dork- Couldn't locate- Looks at dork!  Btw I love Dork's stuff. I will make sure I kick start her next week.
14.Glitterbugs-see pic #2
15.Inner Peace-See Pic #2
16.Jumpin Jacks- A really neat pose for 3, including shopping bags- tech problem here, waiting for Mr Jacks logs on to get his help.

17.J4KK- Cute purple skirt with a pink shrug. Check it out
18.Kiddo's- Couldn't find
19.Larnia Kids- Check Pic #3-also a really awesome boys outfit by Heath, with sneakers included.
20.Little One's Couture-Check Pic #3
21.Patchlets- Very cute bunny gingham dress.Pink :)
22.Punky lil Rainbow-Neutrual colored Green and tan short outfit. It was cute
23.Rainy Day Kids- Very dark and haunting Dark Princess Dress- Goth and Vampish. Kinda neat

24.Sassafras Kids- Thats my store-
25.Small poses-
26.So Berry Licious-Cute plaid Dress w/ Yellow bows
Sadly the last 5 stores I could not find their item.
Sprinkles & Bingles- I looked for awhile here, cause I think they make the most adorable stuff. But I couldn't find it *puts them on my list to kick start for next week*
Twiple Twouble- :( 
Vannah Babiiez
Vicarious Viate

I really want to be able to blog all the stores in 50L. I love to support my fellow designers and creators. But I really can't search out your item, nor can I blog it if its not there. I start really early in the morning. If you want, send me your ad of what you are putting out for the week. It will help me a lot to get a jump start too.

Thats it for this week! I hope you all have a really nice weekend. And check back. I am working on one of my long winded editorials about starting out as a child avi and SL adoption.

Keep Playing! <33

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to School!

Wow...It's almost time for school to begin again! We've had fun weeks of camp and hanging out, but school is fast approaching.
Cindy Lu, the fab owner of Gigglebox put together a Back 2 School Hunt which started on the 20th of July! It runs until 20th of August and is a circular hunt, so you just grab the gift and hop along to the next LM and hunt some more. It includes some awesome stores and i'm just going to run through a few of the items today.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

When I saw you over there, I didn’t mean to stare But my mind was everywhere, I wanna know you...

*sighs and sits on her bed after an amazing and not long enough week at Camp* I dug into my inventory and picked a sweet hair store and a few styles I've had for a long time! Even better, I went BLONDE to show you them!