Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lotsa Dots on Saturday!

Eeeee Heyaaaa Everyone! I'm sooo excited but nervous to be bringing you my first blog post today, knowing me I'll probably mess up at somepoint but let's hope for the best and get started! Today I'll be showing you the most adorable bedroom set I've come across in SL. It's the Lotsa Dots Bedroom Set from Sassafras created by our very own scribbler Abby McDonnagh. The set I'm showing is the blue set but it also comes in pink and green for a variety of styles *points to the bottom corners of the picture above* I love this set so much and I'd love to have it as my RL bedroom set as well as SL but sadly Abby turned down my offer to fly her out here to build me this. The flights were in first class with unlimited chocolate supplies as well!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

:: 50L Friday :: (5th March 2010)

Happy! Oops, Friday. I have a bit of a hair addiction. :/

At 5 a.m. my time, I flitted all around the grid picking up 50L items and I'm so excited to show you guys what the designers had out for us! I couldn't wear everything at once, of course, but Francii took a few pics of some outfits and will list other unique items I liked with SLurls.

First, I picked up a really cute pose at Baby Couture. I'm so glad BC's creator Kylei Benoir added poses to her collection along with her awesome clothes, because she always makes such cute ones. She has two out this week, both for sleepovers, both 50L.

At Sassafras, I picked up another of the "shabby stuffies" - this one has faerie wings and is so adorable.

Though I couldn't find the 50L item at Glitterati Family Poses, I was SO excited to see all the new poses that are out! They capture family moments so perfectly - I think I'll drag my family outside for a photo shoot this weekend, whether they like it or not. :P

Gigglebox has a Nerp dart gun that's really well made and hilariously fun!

Inner Peace has a really adorable outfit out - it's called Izzyie. I'm wearing it in the picture below. There are other new releases I noticed there, as well. Super cute!

Hair: - Miley - Moody Brown
Skin: :GP: - Petal [Frex] Dark - Cupid-Pure1

Outfit: Inner Peace - Izzyie (50L)
Bandaids: Reek

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jump Into Spring!

So, here i am. My first blog post...i'm already worried i'm going to mess something up. So here goes! I had a super cute outfit ready to be blogged but on Tuesday i logged in to some adorable new releases from CCC.
This brand new Windy Jumper is perfect for Spring and for keeping warm in the changing weather. I love the band of lighter colour around the bottom of the jumper and the snuggly warm neck. It comes in a variety of different colours too and is unisex! So take your girl and guy friends and check them out.
I also pieced them with another cute release from Chelsea's, the Spring Argyle Leggings. I love leggings in both lives, and i live in them every day so these are perfect for me! They come in some lovely colours, and are cheap too! I chose the snow colour to match them to the colours of the jumper and i think they look perfect together.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Introducing the Cosmic Scribblers!

Who are we, anyway?

Abby McDonnagh - Monday's Scribbler
Hiyas everyone! Abby here.

I am so excited I am involved with this awesome group of girls to do Cosmic Scribbles.
I have been in Second Life a little over 3 years and think the kid community here is the most amazing group of people I have ever had the chance to meet. There is so much in Second Life that a lot of us are not even aware of. I hope this blog will help show you all some of that.

Every Monday I will be doing the LOTD (Look of the Day. I had no idea what those letters stood for till last week) Everyone knows I am a tomboy, and I am allergic to the color pink. But I will take my allergy medicine and be ready to wear pink, or even a tiara if the look calls for that. I will be bringing you Elegant, Princess (cringes at the thought of the tiara) Mini Diva, Tomboy (ahuh!), Fantasy on down to the everyday just hanging around look. I am so ready to get started! As long as ya'll keep reading I will keep styling!

Riley Sapphire - Tuesday's Scribbler

*Flips her hair* Hii!! I'm Riley, call me Riri or Smiley! I'm a little ditzy on the best of days. I'm more or less active in the SL world. If you've seen me, it'll probably at MAW working, or running around Jubilee where my store is. I will be filling your screen on TUESDAYS, to bring you the cutest and newest in hair and accessories! I LOVE hair, and I adore it ALMOST as much as I love my friends and family. So don't forget to visit us on Tuesdays.. or... wednesday... or any other day for that matter!

Daisie Teardrop - Wednesday's Scribbler

Hiyas! My name is Daisie and I'm here to inform you about FREEBIES & HUNTS one of my main addictions is SL is searching out the freebies that are worthy and not in bad taste for kids. Too many times I run thru an entire hunt to find out its just about all stuff for adults so my main goal will be to find kids hunts, or even items within the adult hunts which *could* also be for kids.
To tell you about myself well I am a bit on the shy side but once I get to know someone, (trust me it doesnt take me long) I am a goofball, I love to tease and sometimes make fun, and others times I like to swear but in general I am a good girl *adjust my halo*. My favorite colors are pink, purple, green and orange, and when I grow up Imma be a Princess!! Check me out on Wednesdays!!

Francii Loxely - Thursday's Scribbler

Hi my name is Francii Loxely and i'm here on Cosmic Scribbles every Thursday to bring you all the fashions that i love. I'm also here to be the poser i am, and show you awesome new pose releases. I'm addicted to shopping in sl, and if im not doing that then im being silly and laughing my butt off. I love poses and taking pictures...i may not be that good at it but i enjoy it, thats what matters right? My favourite colours are blue, purple and turqouise, and i am soo not a girly girl! *strikes a pose* Check me out on Thursdays :D

Jane Denimore - Friday's Scribbler

*puts her pen down and tucks her hair behind her ears* Hi, I'm Jane and I'll be covering 50L Fridays - both the kid version and the adult version! My posts will go up early Friday morning, so you can have a look at the cutest stuff to check out. In Second Life, my favourite things are my family (hi, Mommy!) and friends, and anything pink and sparkly, hoodies, polka dots and rainboots. I also really love goats and guinea pigs - do you know how hard it is to find those in SL?! And most people know, I have a really big addiction to my AO. :/ Anyhow, check out my posts every Friday!

JamieJo Myoo - Saturday's Scribbler

Heyaaaa, I'm JamieJo Myoo or Jamie/JJ to most. I'm a nerdy dork who adores fashion and I am like most in SL, i'm totally addicted to shopping! I Love to mix and match a wide bunch of random outfits; old and new, and I lovelovelove hair shopping. My Favourite colors are mainly purple, turquoise and pink oh and sparkles if you count them as a color.... I'll be blogging for you every saturday with the cutest outfit I can find along with some of the most adorable furniture ever! *hugs you all big* <3


Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow! <3

Monday, March 1, 2010