Friday, January 7, 2011

Ohai - 50 Linden Friday!!!!

::: Welcome to this weeks 50L Friday with Mcke....uhh..*looks around* We..Uhh are sitting/standing in for Kenzie this week, she"safe" in a secret location that we can't disclose and unable to get to a pen and paper *nods*. start off this new year I took along my bestie and yourrrrrr cosmic scribbles blogger- Kayddddddddddia! *Cues Claps* *This week was full of lots of excitement and if I write this word, I am sure I will be fired from guest writing but.......... OMGGGGG 8 DAYS 13 HOURS and 17 MINUTES! *Composes herself*! Okies so word on the street says the - - - - word is coming really fast and kid designers were ready to keep up with the demand!! First stop, I caught up with Darla, we must keep her last name secret to protect the innocent, cause she mights be found and asked to confirm this interview and the nice things she said about us o.O

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!!! Wooo I'm back... I think... well at least hope. Its been pretty crazy lately, but lets get to this blog!!! How many out there have new years resolutions??? How long do you think they last for most people? I figure, why not make some myself.

1. Don't shove things up my nose and doodling on myself