Saturday, July 2, 2011

2011 HAIR FAIR!! *Special Fair Post*

It's that AMAZING time of the year. A time when I feel like I truly have something to REALLY blog about and have a LOAD of fun doing.


So let me tell YOU about hair fair this year. It's HUGE, it's split into 4 sims (W.O.W). The lag isn't bad because it's so spread out! It's a great beach theme this year so it's super summery. I think that it's simple and such a cool laid back feel it makes shopping, relaxing! It runs frooom July 2nd-15th and features a TON of hair shops from ALL over the grid! So July 1st on blogger day, I grabbed my trusty purse, dumped ALLL my money from my piggybank into it and ran to the fair! (Check at the end of this post for the Hair Fair sim 1 Landmark!)

Now, I've picked 8 hairs that I LOVE from the fair, and they're ones I think you'll LOVE too!

Hair: Elikatira.Pretend- Outfit from Aura's
Hair: Elikatira. Something- Outfit from CCC

Hair: Elikatira.With- Outfit from Larnia Kids

The three above are from Elikatira! All three are adorable and kid friendly! The top one is named Pretend, it's SO simple and lovely. The second is called With, It's got a CUTE headband and it's colour change so you can match it to anything! The third Something and it's the PERFECT hair for a kid. The ponytail is sideways and so so cute. All thee of these adorable hairs can be found at the Elikatira booth at the Hair Fair!

Hair: Aoharu.Gemma - Outfit from Babydoll's Boutique 

Out of all the hairs I bought, I think this is one of my faves! It's from Aoharu and called Gemma. There is a beautiful ribbon braided through the hair and at the side it comes together in a gentle flower bow at the side. Definitely a hair you want to for a formal or a pretty-pretty dress!

Hair: Clawtooth.Darling - Outfit from Babydoll's Boutique 
This next one is from a store I don't usually buy from often but always adored. Clawtooth put out his adorable hair called Darling. It's long, it's simple and so so cute!! Definitely one you wanna grab!

Hair:Magika.Pix - Outfit from Inner Peace

This next hair is froma  great hair store called Magika! It's suuuper kid friendly because of the adorable pigtailes and so great for the summmer! If you're looking to pick it up, it's called Pix!

Hair: Lamb.Our Deal- Outfit from CCC 

If you're into shorter hair styles, this one is ADORABLE and perfect for you. It's from Lamb! It's short and cute as you can see, it's kid friendly and very very simple, which is makes it all the more adorable! It's called Our Deal if you're looking to grab it!

Hair: Illusory.Ayumi- Outfit from Candy

This last one is from Illusory and called Ayumi. It's a super playful hair and is so so soooo kid friendly. It's an awesome hair for jump running around in (even at CAMP!) Make sure you grab this one when you hit the fair!!

Hair Fair sim 1

That's it, remember there are TONS TOOOONS more you can grab, so make sure you do all FOUR sims and really look at what's offered, who knows, maybe you'll find your new favourite hair store there!

Have fun!


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