Sunday, September 25, 2011

*sings* And I'll owe it all to youuuu, my little bird...

Ohai there lovely people... So this weekend I nearly almost forgot it was SUYS!! I love SUYS mainly because I get an excuse to buy furniture :D This weekend there are quite a few adorable bits buy my favorite is this desk set from Art*Dummy and its perfect for autumny back to school decorating.

Hair - Elika - Other
Skin - Laq - Jennie2 in Fair
Sweater - GlitterBugs Talullah Sweater in Purple
Jeans - Decoy - Dana 76 Jeans in Faded Dark
Boots - Akeyo Knit Boots (modded)
Glasses - Reek Augie Glasses

And some sunday tuneees for you all! This guy is <333 and he's ginger so that makes him even more awesome :D


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