Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Adventures with "Sweet Baby" !!!

Who doesn't love TOYS!!! I know I sure do and so does Stephanie Leclerc of Sweet Baby. From TV sets, phones, high chars, potty chairs, and much much more. You'll find an unique variety at Sweet Baby. Not only are they sculpties but pretty much like they are real toys from that thing called... RL.

One of the newest toys found at Sweet Baby. Is this adorable changing doll. This one is called Jamie. The far left picture is what it comes like in the box. Next is the huds you wear to be able to personalize it. I changed mine to brown hair and a little tanner.
Next step you can take, is buy an additional outfit. This one is called Kyia. You wear the hud and it'll sing to you while you have it on. :) Then click the hud and your dolly will change into that outfit!!! Tada!!! Once you have it all personalized to the way you want you. You can carry it around and even click it to kiss it!!! =0)

My real journey begins with me taking a cruise in my awesome Mustang GT Blue Limited Edition!!! Drove around my family's sim. I think I made my mom even jealous with this car. This is a special buy right now for only 50L. You can also find it in red and tiny tot size!
Once I got where I was going, I took out my Scooter MD 2 and decided to check out my pumpkin patch. I think mine is still the biggest one! YAY! Pretty sure this is the new way to do my shopping. Its going to save some time and help my feet!!!
What better way to take in the amazing fall atmosphere surrounding us all over SL. Then to use my new Fisher Price Picture Story Camera. My mommy doesn't call me "Snapshot" for no reason. She knows how much I love taking pictures. It'd be perfect for camps, holidays, or just having fun.
With it being sooo beautiful out today, I thought  I'd get my Sweet Elephant out and cuddling up with him. Even though I have a real elephant in my house. Yup, don't hate!!! My sabertooth and elephant now are inside the house. They have their own room!!! I still love to be able to hold a stuffed elephant!
 One of my favorite looking toys Stephanie makes is this amazing real life looking Little Safari Train. There is a version for reg size and tiny tots!!! So no matter the size kid you are, here's a toy you might want to put down on your list for Santa!!

 OUTFIT: Inner Peace - Sweet Like Mom

 YUP!!! I'm in a pink dress! Its dress up RP time! My mommy makes me do all these types of chores out there and well why not have fun with it. I pretended I was Cinderella, noonoonoo she wasn't the evil wicked step mom though!!! She's pretty awesome! But vacuuming doesn't seem so bad when you have vacuum cleaner (tiny tots available) like this from Sweet Baby! One of my favorite things about it is the movement we make when we're doing it. Plus, the eyes move back and forth all cute. =0)
After all that vacuuming, I decided to play in my kitchen. Since I made a big mess last time I cooked spaghetti, I figure I'd just pretend this time!!! My mommy sure will be happier to not see spaghetti all over the walls, sink, floor, and pretty much everywhere!!! Look I even washed my hands!!! Even you smaller kids can do this. =0) Yup another tiny tot option!
After a day of all the traveling and chores, my carriage awaits me!!! I decided to ride off in my, Roll-Along Pony off to find my Prince Charming! (awww that was my guinea pigs name... I love you Prince Charming!!!) Won't my daddy be excited for that. Don't worry tiny tots, there is a version for your size as well & many different colors to pick from!

OUTFIT: Candii Kitten - Pink Princess Costume

I got the chance to get to ask Stephanie, creator of Sweet Baby, some questions, this is what she had to say.

Do you have an item that seems to be more popular than others right now? Yes sure, my tiny Tot HUD :)

Whats your favorite thing you've made recently? My Ride On, the little Car. But i love all of my toys. :)

Whats your favorite thing you've made of all time? My favorite Thing is probably my Jeep, because it was the hardest thing to made. But I have many favorite, I did some many original products recently.

What made me want to be a kid in SL? Because it's fun, and you're more creative. with a kid, your creativity should be unlimited.

When did you start your business? July 22, 2007

What made you pick your store name? Because I  make products for the kids.

Do you do custom work? I will do soon as possible.

Can you tell whats in your workshop right now? all kind of products for the babies, kids and family ! Yeah, it's easy to know with marketplace.

Please list 3 items you think are the most unique:
   1. my Full store Sweet Baby
   2. The products onto Sweet Baby
   3. My other stores :)

Do most of your items allow tiny tots to use? If so, how many do you think do you have? Yeah, All of my products can fit with both, regular and tiny tot. Usually I make 2 versions at once.

Are you a part of any hunts right now or plan to be soon? I did some, depends of my mood. Usually I like doing my own hunts.

:::Fun Questions Now::

Favorite thing in your inventory (doesn't have to be related to your work)?
My AO, from Oracule. My outfits from Babydoll, the outfit of Turducken too and my own toys.

Favorite food?
I know it's bad, but i love the burgers.

Creamy or crunchy peanut butter? Creamy

Favorite movie? Coffee and cigarettes, Sin City, and more


  1. YAY, ty Lowi (huuuuuuuuuuuugs)
    You did an awesome job :)

  2. Yay, Stephanies products rock!!!! Now to find the lindens to buy EVERYTHING she has instead of just 75% (giggle)!