Monday, April 25, 2011

Prettyful Springtime!

So. It's been a month since we've blogged! Here are the reasons:
Lowi was kidnapped by aliens.
Riley inventented a new element and has become super famous.
Lishi got lost in one of her prank kits, she sends postcards.
Kenzie has been making funny greeting cards! (that one's actually true!)
Abby was eaten by Franzilla. Sad story.

Francii Zilla Jigsaw whips my medusa franzilla hair and spits out abby's shoes

^^ See!?

Ok no, really. Everyone has been busy with RL, buttttt I'm sure they all miss blogging like crazy cuz like, all of the Cosmic Scribbles readers are AWESOME! :D

And withhhh that...we're off! Please keep your arms, legs, fingers and toes inside of the ride at all times! Just like Lacie and Lishi's prank kits, I am not responsible for anything that happens here! =P

YAY! So, I love finding new, fun unque and cute things! My twinny Kaileigh brought me to this store the other day and I FELL IN LOVE with it. I bought three 'houses' from it... >.> The place is called Thistle Homes, and the homes are DARLING! Now why blog houses ina kids blog? Well for one, they are awesome and for two, two of the houses I bought I'm using as playhouses! They are cute, textured beautifully and low prim! So, check out my playhouse at Gwen's house below! NO PARENTS ALLOWED KTHX!

Here's a couple of outside shots of the playhouse. Gwen is all sadface because I kicked her out. NO PARENTS ALLOWED!

Yah she's all sad nao. :( Haha. So let's take a peak inside! :D

As soon as you walk in, there is this awesome pink kitchen from Sassafras! I love it. You can wash the dishes, make cookies, hang out and watch people make cookies... you can get snacks from the fridge and Gwen is PRAYING that the stove is fake.. haha. It's so cute and like 50 some prims! You can't beat that! Comes in pink or blue!

I have tons of fun playing in the kitchen today!

Next, is the adorable living room, brought to you by Slumber Kidz! So cute! There's a TV and bunches of wall pictures, bean bag chairs, couch with lots of sits and a chair also with lots of sits! You can have a sleepover and watch a movie with this living room set! And the best part, it's made for kids! NO PARENTS ALLOWED! =P

Next is some ADORABLE bunks by Sassafras! Enough room for three, with of course a PC... got to have internet access in your awesome new playhouse, right?!

Yay! :D I love how I set this up! Us kids could TOTALLY live in here... without parental units nagging us! *whispers* You can even set up who can access the house and who can't, just sayin...

Also, if you want an adorable house to match, she's got the cutest houses! This one below is Gwen's and it's my favorite... and yes, it is texture change.. so your house doesn't have to be purple... don't knock mah purple house! :D

And, another option for a playhouse is this darling boathouse! Also from the same designer!

Now if you are curious where my outfit came from, it came from CANDY! Loren released it yesterday in four colors and it's just so yummy! I love it :D

Thanks for tuning in today... but before I go. I must wish a very special, very happy birthday to JamieJo Myoo! Today is her real life birthday! Jamie was one of the original Cosmic Scribblers and founders! She is totally awesometastic so if you know her, make sure to wish her a wonderful person.. and if you don't know her, get to know her... she's great! Happy Birthday JJ!

PS. Look what we found! I blame Franzilla... >.>

Jamie... you should really consider deleting your old photos off of your Flickr.. Just sayin...xoxox
Happy Scribbles everyone and I hope your easter was awesometastic! Tune in next Monday for more from Candii! :D


  1. *noms*

    Awesome post Candii even if you embrassed me :/

    Francii Zilla :D lolol

  2. omgosh awesome post candii <333 so cute

  3. Great Post! I missed reading the Scribbles blog. <3 Maelie

  4. Thanks! I've missed blogging so much! :D

  5. Wonderful Post! TY for the mention and the cute photos! I love the idea of the Sweet Pea Cottage as a play house!

  6. Thank you! I'm happy you like it :) I had so much fun with it!

  7. Candii Imma hit you later, That picture is awfull!!
    Thankyou though...and awesome post :D
    I realllly miss blogging too...hmmm. <333

  8. omg Jamie u deleted it lmao!

  9. sends a postcard from Mars... "Playing greedy with the aliens! Wish you were here!!! Miss and love you all!!