Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome Ever After Orphanage aka EAO

Ever After Orphanage
offers a number of services not found in conventional SL adoption agencies.  We are NOT an adoption agency.  We do offer adoptions, and help parents/children find their forever homes, but as we are a newer agency, we cannot provide the availability and options that a conventional adoption agency can.  What we do provide, is protection and care to children who are accepted into our orphanage by hand picked volunteers and foster parents.  We also help parents who stop in looking for their perfect little one, to make the addition that best fits their family.
About Adopting

Parents who decide to adopt through us must submit to an application process.  This process includes a notecard application, a scheduled interview, a home inspection, and if necessary, scheduled time at the facility to see how they interact with the children.  The process will be conducted by a caseworker or staff member, and you will be contacted if you are approved.

If the parents are approved there will be a L$200 fee for processing/administration.  This fee is to help keep the agency running.

After approval, the caseworker will compile a list of compatible children for the available parents, and the children's adoption files will be shared.  If the parents find that none of these children are what they are looking for, then they will be kept on the list of available parents until a new child arrives that fits their family's needs.

If the parents find a child who they think would work well with their family, a scheduled appointment will be made to spend time with the child at the facility.  If both child and parent are happy with each other during the introduction and 'playtime' phase, the parents will be allowed to take the child home for a trialling phase.

A caseworker will contact both the parent and child to come into the facility after 14 days to officialese the adoption.  Paperwork will be submitted to order your official adoption certificate. 

About Foster Care

For parents interested in being foster care providers, the process is rather simple.  Potential foster parents will go through an application process much like the adoption process that the parents go through.  They will be interviewed, and their home may be inspected to make sure it if safe for the child.  However, if they are approved there is no fee to be a foster parent. 

The foster child does not necessarily have to have a bedroom in the foster parent's home, but they should be able to set their home so that they have a place to be safe.  Foster parents are expected to care for the child until they find their forever family.  We want the child to have a place and people that take care of them and make sure that they are okay while they are in between families.  The main responsibility of the foster parents may be as simple as IMing the child every day to make sure they're okay, and talk to them if they need someone to talk to. 

A child stays in their foster parents care for 2 weeks before they are moved to another foster home unless the current foster parents submit to keep the child longer. 

Another thing that EAO offers to everyone is staff, volunteers, and limited orphanage rooms available. (2 of the rooms are pictured in the blog) As well as a safe place for kids to meet others and hopefully their forever family!!! So go check out Ever After Orphanage aka EAO

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