Friday, March 25, 2011

Home Alone and other stuff!

Hi guys.. Here it is Friday again! Aren't you excited  we have lotsa cool stuff and Im gonna try to make it fast so I don't talk all night long.  Today's items are fun stuff you can do while your home alone! As always keep it a secret because I can't be gettin in trouble for stuff yanno . First thing is first how about playin in the dirt , and makin this awesometastic mudpie complete with gummy worms! from the great mind of  Whimzie.
Also from Whimzie check out the booger pie I mean I knew mine brothers booger collections would come in handy and I bet they gonna loveee eating that pie when they come home today ! The dress im wearing comes from Giselle at Dreamdoll ands totally adorable
 Of course when your home alone you have to swing from the lights. This is made by Darla of Elsewhere , and what better way to hang out then with friends!The outfit you see from the back is from Larnia Kids  Then the next best thing is  to take pictures with your friends on this pose from Lovely Smiles.  The outfits are Babydolls and InnerPeace so make sure you grab em all.
* Points down* I know for a fact that everyone has gone through their parents bedroom at least once when they aren't home, I mean that is where they hide alla the stuff they take away from us, and all the good candy, I just happened to be checkin out stuff and found daddys box of magazines and I hadda sit down and look. I heard about it before but I didn't realize he collected that much! This box of daddys stuff is from Gigglebox and is really awesome! Boys don't feel left out she has a Mommy's box of stuff too! The jammies im wearing in that come from LittleOnes Couture and are really cute short jammies.  That's all for today Have fun see ya next week! As always theres alot of good stuff out there so make sure you hit all the stores!