Friday, June 25, 2010

How do you find a lost rabbit?

Easy! Just make a noise like a carrot! *giggles* (I can hear my mom calling me a dork, already!)

Hi, everyone! This will be a short but hopefully helpful rundown of just a few of the cute things available for 50L this week.

First, be sure to go to ::Emjay Kidz:: - it got left off the list this week, but it has the most adorable monkey bars, with tons of different animations in it - see?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

La La Laaaa

Yay! It's Thursday, almost the weekend and i cannot wait! It's my RL birthday next Monday so i'm looking forward to spending my weekend relaxing with friends.
Today i am going to show you some cute outfits that i love running around the grid in when im relaxing; some new, some old. They're from some of my favourite stores, and i'm also going to show you some of my favourite Truth hairs!
I want to point out this super cute 5 person pose. It's a freebie in the Subscribo at < porcupine Love > which i first found out about at Pose Fair. The Store has some super cute poses, this being one in paticular. Go poke the subscribo and you can grab this pose. It comes as a linked group pose and with the poses seperate too!

[Click the Picture for a bigger view]
Outfit Details after the Cut!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I've had the time of my life. And I owe it all to you...


That's right, we're at the big One-Zero-Zero and personally I'm so so proud of everyone and so thankful for all of you for being here and following and reading and just being here to experience this with us!!

 (That's me hard at work getting everyone together in my new Babydoll's Boutique outfit that was released yesterday! It's called *BB* Miah in yellow! You should SEE the release it's awesome! The laptop is from Gliteratti and free and full of a few awesome poses! The bed is from La'Licious!)
Every day you tune in to see our LOTD, photos, hair... new finds etc. On occasion you get a peek into who we are in-world and off. I wanted personally to ask the girls a few questions of my own (I answered them too) to show you the girls I adore who make up the Cosmic Scribble team with me.

All you have to do is read on to hear what they said....

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Summer time!!

Hey Everyone! Can you believe it, the first day of summer!

Today I felt like playing outside and riding my skateboard and I thought after looking through some of my clothes, that boys read our blog too, so why not wear something from one of our awesome boy designers. I mean they may have cooties but can be pretty talented. So I found this very awesome shorts and shirt from Larnia Kids. Made by Heath Pevensey. It's called *Chill* I love it.
Included with the shorts and shirt (which has a very cool peace sign on it) You get a cool pair of hightops and the baseball cap with another nifty peace sign on it too.  The shoes have a resize script so they can be made to fit in size feet. There are so many cute outfits at Larnia Kids. Make sure boy or girl, you check them out.

The backpack with the skateboard, I found on Xstreet. It's called Sweet Home Neko, bag with skateboard. Pretty simple name to remember It's only available on Xstreet right now. You can wear the backpack and then rez a rideable one out of your inventory and have a blast. Make sure you wear a helmet and pads though.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Peace and Lazy Sundays!

Happy lazy Sunday readers!

I've got a short but comfy LOTD today for you guys! I love lounging on Sunday- I always call it my lazy day!

For my awesome hair. It is form TRUTH and from one of his recent releases. It's totally hippie like and I LOVE it! It's called BoHo! It comes with both the head band and without in the pack when you buy it, so you have a choice in the way you choose to wear it! (Psst! If you're lazy like I am, check out how I grab my truth hair- from the TruthWebpage!)

For my shoes and outfit, it's from Larnia Kids! It's called Peace and I am wearing the grey and pink version. Of course, it comes in other colours too! The sandals are awesome and totally bright. I love the pants, they are so comfortable looking. This outfit is TOTALLY perfect for a summer day! Lastly in my mouth I have this AWESOME Pink Ipop from Giggle box! It's SO SO cute. You can grab it multiple colours too!

BoHo Hair (Dark Browns- Cocoa)- Truth
Peace (grey and Pink)- Larnia Kids
Ipop Mouthie- Gigglebox

P.S- If you haven't already, check out the Tableau Summer Festival!  There are awesome finds for both you and your parents! It's totally something you don't wanna miss! There isn't too much for kids, but there are definitely a few unique and SUPER cute finds!

P.S.S.- We have a SUPER important post coming up this week. So definitely stay tuned for that!

Have a sweet and lazy day!

Riley Sappphire