Friday, December 17, 2010

A Little bit of Everything

Heyyyy Everyone I hope you had the most awesome week if it was like mine its been onna them completely weird weeks where you dunno what way your turning .. Anyways shopping always makes me feel better so, Im pretty glad today was 50 L Friday, and I have two of the Scribble hunt items for you too! The list wasn't out when I did the pics for this week, so we are goin offa memory and what we could find while we were looking! Its gonna be  a quick blog I think
The first two things we found were books from Sprinkle and Bingles  they have an awesome set of christmas books out! What is better then a story by the fire curled up in your pajamas from Baby Couture, She had three pairs of really cute pjs there make sure you grab em.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scribble me a Christmas Hunt!


I know it's been a little quiet around here, but much like Santa's work elves, we ourselves have been busy getting stuff together for you! TODAY marks the FIRST opening day of the FIRST Cosmic Scribbles Hunt. In this post you'll find a few of the products from the hunt as well as a couple HINTS!

Scribble me a Christmas Hunt 
December 15th- 31st

We are SUPER excited to bring you this hunt, it's out first ever. How we went about it, is we chose about 31 stores that we LOVED blogging and felt made a pretty big impression in our little community. We spent the last month sorting and planning this little hunt for you the readers!

Below you are going to find a few of the products that are out from a few of the stores and a couple of hints as well as the OFFICIAL Store list in order!

NOTE: Before you read further, we'd LOVE to give a HUGE thank you to all the designers who have taken part in this hunt! It means SO much to us. You guys have been patient and amazing and SO generous with what you made. I was SOO excited when i looked through the adds, ALL the stuff out is amazing. You guys have made this hunt SO good! So give a HUGE around of applause for for the designers! You all are amazing. *claps*

*PLEASE NOTE* CANDY KIDS STORE is NOW in the hunt! All 32 stores are set and the hunt has OFFICIALLY STARTED! HAPPY HUNTING!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby It's Colllld Outsideeeee

So uh, I'm a ninja. *Makes it so no one realizes I forgot to blog yesterday* Haha. Since I forgot to blog yesterday, I'm going to blog this morning and Rileykinz is going to blog tonight. Her blog is OOBER special, so be on the lookout for that one! And since I got completely sidetracked, I didn't get to the do the blog I wanted to do. *sadface* BUTTT, today I'm going to teach you a lesson! *beams in pride*

It's -4ยบ here. Far too cold to go outside and play, so instead, I wanted to use mommy's office to write. This lesson is how to make your mommy's office look REALLY pretty. :)