Saturday, July 2, 2011

2011 HAIR FAIR!! *Special Fair Post*

It's that AMAZING time of the year. A time when I feel like I truly have something to REALLY blog about and have a LOAD of fun doing.


So let me tell YOU about hair fair this year. It's HUGE, it's split into 4 sims (W.O.W). The lag isn't bad because it's so spread out! It's a great beach theme this year so it's super summery. I think that it's simple and such a cool laid back feel it makes shopping, relaxing! It runs frooom July 2nd-15th and features a TON of hair shops from ALL over the grid! So July 1st on blogger day, I grabbed my trusty purse, dumped ALLL my money from my piggybank into it and ran to the fair! (Check at the end of this post for the Hair Fair sim 1 Landmark!)

Now, I've picked 8 hairs that I LOVE from the fair, and they're ones I think you'll LOVE too!

And we have lift off....

Finally The Kid Company opened its doors to you all yesterday and I hope you all took a trip to go see this fabulous new store! I went to take a peek around late thursday night and so for those who havent been yet here's is what you can find HERE!

Friday, July 1, 2011

I know what your thinking.... CAMP

Yoyo! Everyone how ya doing? So we are back and I know there is probably really one thing your getting ready for... I know I am... and that is  CAMP .... So today we have  some cute things, that you can pack in your suitcase for camp , along with ways to get ready for camp, and some awesome stuff to make counselors do like sing... buckle up it might be a little long ride! First up Dirt... Playing on the beach and, running through all of that sand your going to want to let people know you've been having fun in the sand.. Now you can with these cute dirty feet layers, from Inner Peace they come in light and dark,and sock layers or tattoos, they look great with sandals too as you can see * points up *

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it....

*hums along for you all* Much better than me singing I promise youuu! Anyhooow I am SO excited today that I've spent the last 24ish or more hours dying of cuteness and making some pretty pictures for you all today to show you some awesome newness that is coming all of your way very very sooon! As many of you might know there is an amazing new kids store starting up this coming friday called The Kid Company and the lovely Kaitlyn gave me a sneak peek of some cuteness which you can find there!