Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grab your sunblock, beach ball, towel, and some water... we're heading to the beach!!!

With it being summer and lots of bathing suits out there to choose from. Many of us went to camp, and got to see everyone in their cute bathing suits. Some of us were thinking, omg where did they get that??? Get ready for kid style swimsuit edition!!! :) Click the pictures to see them bigger.

Starting from the left, we have 2 adorable bathing suits from Babydolls. The first on comes with the awesome matching bag to give off that diva style. Also, it has a dress option and is tiny tot size. So after hitting the beach, all you have to do is slip that dress on and you're ready to go. The green one is just one of my favorites b/c of the color. With the matching sandals, you can't go wrong with it.

Next is the sweet sunkiss orange bathing suit from FourSquare. Its a cute 1 piece bathing suit and has a frilly cute skirt.. So if you're looking for a one piece, here is a great one for you.

Aloha!!! All the way from Hawaii, the grass skirt bathing suit from Aura's is def. one many have in their inventory. With the lei and the flower bracelets, how can you pass this up? Many colors to choose from but of course I picked blue. I could not forget my little sock monkey friend sitting on my shoulder from Zooby's. This one will throw beach balls and is a great friend to bring to the beach.

Next is one from Larnia Kids. Trying to show off different type of designs on bathing suits, I thought this was a perfect one to show off. The design is very cute and is a great one to add to your closet.

Last but not least... a ladybug suit!!! I love love love ladybugs and this one I just had to have!!! With the cute ladybugs on the shoes and glasses, what girl wouldn't want this one? So glad for Candii Kitten always making ladybug items. This just adds to my selection of ladybug items.
With the awesome newly opened store, The Kid Company, we have "two" designers showing off their swimsuits. On the left is Darla with the pink girlie swimsuit. This gives you the look of the board short style.

Then we have... Darla again, oh wait or is that Kaityln... hmmm or is it suppose to be Kaityln ;) The world will never know. Anyways, back to the suit, this comes with everything shown here. What a way to go to the beach in style and the hat will def. keep the sun away from your eyes. I love the towel over the arm the best!!!

Ready for some Tiny Tots suits??? Here are just "some" designers that carry tiny tot styles. On the far left we have Nyte modeling Chelsea's Clothing Closet new butterfly suit. I like how it ties around the neck, it gives it something different from other suits.

Then we have Rory from Larnia Kids modeling her awesome zebra style suit. Which I totally love and feel like we're in the 80's with the neon colors. I haven't seen one like this before. You really should see her in the bigger version with tights, dorothy shoes, viking helmet with flowers on it, cape, and a wand. I really should've taken a picture. It was def. a new way to wear a bathing suit!

Next modeling is Kyia from FourSquare... who loves long walks on the beach. Hehee She's showing off her awesome Peacey bathing suit. I love all the peace signs on this and the way it flows. Oh, Lowi Wins not Kyia!!! Just fyi to you Kyia ;)

Next, I found this suit on marketplace. I haven't ever meet SweetiePie, owner of DayDreams, before and I'm so glad she agreed to help me out with this blog. She has so many tiny tots bathing suits and outfits. Make sure to check out her store. This was one of my favorites suits of hers b/c it has the cute sea horse on it.

Other suits I really wanted to blog but I ran out of time and SL wasn't liking me. Their stores for some reason weren't rezzing for me. =0( But you can find awesome suits at Absolute Girls, Candy, and Glitterbugs as well

Hope you all enjoy your summer!!!

Shoutout to the designers - I love you for putting the ad picture with the clothing. This helps out so much on what the outfits look like in your inventory.

- LoWi FoXtRoT -

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  1. Awesome Lowi! I'm always lookin' for a good swimsuit!