Thursday, May 19, 2011

Matching #1

Something different today from me. I know we all love clothes, dressing up and finding cute things to wear to run around SL in. But what i love even more is family outfits. Whether it's mother and daughter, brother and sister or the whole family; i just love matching outfits. So from now on i'm going to try to show you some ways to match with your family members :)
A few things though: 
1. Some of my blog pictures from here on out will be photoshopped (not massively, but a little bit)
2. I'm going feature both Kids and Adult stores so some prim modding may be needed too!
3. I won't be posting SLURLS but if you can't find something you like, feel free to IM me (Francii Loxely) and i'll help you find it.
OK, enough of the boring bits, on to the cuteness!!

I adore these Mon Tissu jackets and guess what, the prims come in both medium and petite versions so there wasn't much modding needed to fit either av which is a definite plus in my eyes!

On Frannie: Hair; [elikatira] Skin; Mynerva Jacket; Mon Tissu T-shirt; Dream Doll Skirt; Amerie Shoes & Socks; Cute Bytes

On Pet: Hair; [elikatira] Skin: Laq Jacket; Mon Tissu Tank; Shorts; *Connors* Shoes; G Field Glasses; Arai


  1. Love it, sissy! Totally going to buy that jacket when I get home! :))