Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Found my way back home...

I decided that I'd take after one of my fellow scribblers and show you all my room. I'm so excited about it because I was just recently adopted and I was able to finally have a room!! I don't know if you all know but I have a twin sister and she shares my room with me... I decorated it all because she can't be around so much and she hasn't even seen it! So I think that this will be a nice surprise to her too! Here I sit blogging to you this very moment, take a look. 

This here is me sitting at my work table, I'm working hard on a coloring picture that I started last week. It taken me so long because I couldn't find mine purple marker. It was just yesterday I realized I had left it in the fridge because I was looking for juice. Mommy wasn't home I had to fend for myself somehow. 
All mine furniture comes from Sassafras by Abby McDonnagh. As you can see above that's where sissy and I sleep, her bed is the pink one because even though pink is mine favorite color I wanted something new so I settle for the green. 
I got tired of just laying there so I moved mine little toosh over to one of my favorite pillows and continued to read one of mine books for school. See that wagon back there? That's from Sprinkles&Bingles and it's mine most favorite toy ever! I really loves wagons but it's filled with all the essentials while I play, read, or even do mine chores. 
This is me and sissy's sitting area and that's our giraffe, Mr. Bojangles. I do most mine thinking here and trust me I have so much to think about for a four year old. I wonder if mine new bracelets will match my jeans I wanna wears tomorrow? *hmmm*
That's mine dino, Pinky...she thinks she's a dog, I really has no idea why. Sissy forgot to clean up her mess, she left out monopoly and shoots and ladders. Tsk, Tsk sissy... mommy's going to put your butt in a froot jar. Anyway, mine godmommy gaves me those pillows you see up on our shelf. I actually been asked a lot where they come from and I got them form the Gatcha Festival that only lasts until the end of March. They are from Turducken, I love her stuff. 
This is our desk we are supposed to do our homework here but I find myself drawing pictures and writing letters mine friends at school than doing mine homework. It's okay though, mommy will never find out anyway I has a secret box that I keep all mine stuffs in, she'll never find it. 
This is our room and I loves it but the best part is that sissy and I finally found our way home and we couldn't be happier with our new family. See you all next week! 


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