Saturday, September 10, 2011

School Days!

Happy Autumn, everyone! While it may not officially be autumn until later this month, fall is in the air around SL already, and especially because it's back-to-school time! I've gathered some cute school stuff from a bunch of different stores to share with you - some you've probably heard of, and some that might be new to you! Now, us Scribblers go to an elementary school called Oceanside, so the uniform I'm wearing is from there, as well as some of the accessories. If you don't have a school yet, definitely check it out!

Well, let's jump right into the stuff I found!

First, I found this super-fun lunch box from Larnia Kids - it's got tons of food options, like grape Kool-aid, a granola bar, egg salad sandwich, a cream donut, yoghurt and orange slices, just to name a few. There's quite a few choices of designs, too - this one's called Popsicles. My shoes are from Larnia, too - they're the OSE Khuckers, and match the uniform perfectly! The wall art behind me is from Starbrook & Seideler. I love it because I can show off my school spirit, even when I'm at home. My hair is Changes from [E] - but I bet you already knew that, huh? I've seen this hair on all my friends, lately! :)

This picture sort of reminds me of trying to hold onto summer (my shorts, from Surf Co!) and being excited for school to start! On my head are sunglasses from Candii Kitten - they come in an OSE accessory pack, that includes sunglasses, a choker, mary janes and socks. My mouthie from Nerdalicious Designs, a new-to-me store. My super-cute boots are the OSE Glitterb-Uggs boots from Glitterbugs. There's also a lilac pair, too.

Squee, another lunch box! That means more yummy food! This one rezzes whole meals on your table, like pizza, a burger, or a sandwich! It's from Incredible Edibles - you know, that place where your parents get the rezzable meals? My mouthie is an adoooorable pen. It's from Candy. My glasses are called *Epic* Kyoot Nerdy Glasses, and they're from a gatcha at the Albero Festival. My hair is from Raspberry, and it's called Khloe. I love the messy little bunches at the sides! Can you see my face paint? It's little hearts in OSE colors, and then a little O-S-E right next to them. It's from Gigglebox!

Pumpkins! That means trick-or-treating soon, and that means candy! Mmmm, candy! *clears throat* Okay, back to school stuff. See my mary-janes? They're super realistic, and I love them! They're from R(S)W - I couldn't find an in-world store, but I bought mine on Marketplace, here. (Edited to add: the in-world store is here, I was told!) You've just gotta see the detailing on the seams and buckles. I was totally floored. My mouthie is a box of crayons (yummmmm!) from Kewt Kids, and my necklace - see it? - it's in the writing set from Candy! My hair is from YumYum and it's called 24/brown. Those pumpkins are my mom's but they're from Botanical, if anyone wants them. :)

Lastly, here are some backpack options I found while running around. From the left: Sassafras leather backpack in purple (reasons I love it: you can change the little letter to whichever you want - mine's a J! you can change the pins to different ones, and the little dolphin keychain!) Bellies nerd backpack in green (reasons I love it: you can change the letters to spell your name! and you get four different colors in one pack) Aura's princess backpack (reasons I love it: totally works with the texture change hud, and the adorable sunglasses!) and Inner Peace boho backpack (reasons I love it: totally realistic texture and I love the over-sized look!).

My hair in that picture is Falling from [E] and those socks (squeee, polka-dots!) are from Slow Kitchen. My mary-janes in that picture up there are from Truth.

The poses I've used in my post are from the Kids Singles pack at Glitterati, and from LAP. :)

I hope all this stuff gives you some ideas for back-to-school, and from all of us at the Loony Bin CS Headquarters, have a GREAT school year!

xoxo, Janey.

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