Friday, December 3, 2010

Livin Life on the wild side of Winter ~

YoYo! So today we are mixing it up tonite a little and doin stufff on the wild side, as promised Aiyden Is gonna wear a pink dress and we found the best one I promise even If I have to edit it later he will be  here in a bright pink dress. So look forward to that. It's gonna be a kinda shorter post because I'm sure your all sick of hearing from me :D Anywayssssssssss this weeks randomness is great! So I dragged mine crew around again, and then had them help me with pictures and stuff because  I suckkk at them .. So thanks to Kaydia who totally helped,  and thanks to mine crew who comes round wif me every week, Jayden, Kaity, and Kaylee, Kaydia, all help in some sorta way  So just let them know they rock if you see em rounds sometimes. Okayyyyyyy On to  Livin on the wild side of winter The first pic we have is the outfits fromInner Peace These two outfits are called Aiyden and Jill, and yep they rock, aiyden is a cute dress and Jill is a sweater n jeans set  that are totally adorable! and mine modes is cute too dont ya think * just dont tell Kaydia it will totally go to her head*  and we really don't want that. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Snowflake Experience

Hey There!  I 'm fillin in today for someone to bring you the Snowflake Experience.. And it was an awesome experience! It is the holiday season n what better way to help out then to donate to charities, this one benefits Toys for Tots. There are ten kid stores on this experience and like 50 adult stores, Im just covering the kid stuff though.  The Snowflake Experience opens on December 4th for and I suggest you check it out you get some totally awesometastic stuff... 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby it's cold outside...

 Don't you just LOVE winter? There is something SO magical about the snow looking like sparkles and the mood everyone gets into with the music and the family and the togetherness. Some people blame Christmas, I'm sure it's a factor in it, but I think it's snow! Makes everyone wanna cuddle with the ones they love!

I've got some hairs for you today, but mostly I pulled out 3 of my favourite outfits to go along with them. Some are from last years Holidays and others from the past few weeks of releases. They're all SO cute and will definitely keep you warm during those cool days outside in the snow! Also there is a small announcement at the end, you'll WANT to see! <3

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Great Giving Hunt!

Ohai! I hope everyone had an awesome holiday!   I am just sneaking in to give you a look into "The Giving Hunt" brought to us by Amame. If your like me , I totally slacked it and didn't get around to it until tonight! Be quick it ends tomorrow though so I am just gonna give a quick glimpse into some of the things you can get. First of there is awesome poses from, Sweet Moments, CCC, Glitterati Family, Just Kidding, and I probably forgot one but yah you can get awesome poses from those stores. I couldn't get pics of those but just take my word they are awesome sauce! The next cool items I wanna show is the Cow Chair from Sassafras and the outfit im wearin  sittin on that is from KickROCKS! It comes with the hat an vest!