Friday, May 20, 2011

TKR ~ Cuteness

Hey Guys I'm so glad to be back and today we have tons of cuteness  for you from The Kids Room. If your like me you love to shop and what better way to shop then in a room of some of the coolest designers, for a discounted price???? Perfect deal right! Most things in the kid room sell for around 60 L. The products here are exclusive. Let's take a look at some of the awesomeness I found there.

First up who doesn't love Pasghetti, this kit from Whimzie allows you to cook pasghetti for your family anytime. In our house we have it alot so I was really happy to cook it for them Not so sure my mommy was happy about it... It kinda got a little messy ...

This next Item is from Crackberry called My Friend Patch  and is totally cute,  Its a single sit animal with alot of different sits in it, You can play games with it like pattycake and even  just chill outs, its a great addition to any room!
The Plurk shirt is from Gigglebox also available at TKR , It's a great shirt for any hangin out time.
Up next we have a few cute clothes choices for you, First up is from Candii Kitten and is called Ceasey in Lime it's a great summery dress and perfect for anytime it comes with a lily to put in your hair and a cute choker .

Looking for a cuteness ring to go with any outfit  you can check out the Mood Ring from Lacie cakes changes to all different colors and comes with a list of what all the colors means
Everyone knows that Panda's are the best animal ever right so why not show your panda pride and get this adorable panda shirt from Love Song. This shirt comes with two bottoms one with a tail and one without.

Okay that is some of the cuteness you can find at TKR and to close today Im gonan show you the LOTD from a FLF fit Glitterbugs This cute sundress is called Gretchen and is another perfect summer dress.

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