Monday, October 24, 2011


YAY! Halloween is quickly approaching and I could blog about Halloween... but um hello? HAIR SALE? Please, there's no contest. :D Also, it's a new week for TKR! YAY for newness. And this week there is a lot of PJs at TKR... makes me wonder if there was a theme we were supossed to be following. *looks innocently at Jane* If there was, Riley and I missed that train lmbo. *Looks innocently at Jane again.* BUT without further a due, I've got some lovely items from TKR to show you and some lovely hairs from [E]! If you recall, her original store was ETD back in 2007... and if you remember her hair sales, you couldn't move! This hair sale is a lot less laggy and goes thru October 30th. 70% OFF! 

First off, we've got some adorable looking tot outfits! Both of these outfits come in tot AND Kid size! :D Score! On the left you see CCC's TKR Pj outfit, totally adorable and comes with the adorable slippers and on the right is Inner Peace's TKR item! This week she features a dress that is just adorable, comes with all you see! Both hairs are from [E] as well, left is Garden right is Mood! :) Essentials pack with black, two blondes, two browns, two reds and a white is only 75L right now!

Next, the PJ party continues with these two adorable PJ outfits! On the left, we've got CANDY's totally adorable long PJs with matching slippers and headband and on the right is Absolute Girls TKR outfit, totally reindeer PJs... YAY Christmas is coming! These PJs come in kids and Tots! Oh, and for those of you who didn't know, Absolute Girls is now a permanent fixture at TKR and no longer just a guest designer! Congrats and welcome to TKR Naffie! Both hairs also from [E]! On the left is Little on the right is Me!

Annnnnd more clothes! YAY! These final two outfits for today's blog are not PJs, we spoiled the PJ party. *giggles* On the left is Candii Kitten's TKR outfit, comes in both Tot and Kid sizes and includes the shoes and the hairbow as well, and on the right is TKR's Guest Designer for the week, Pixie Dust, with a completely adorable Halloween outfit! See, we snuck some Halloween in there after all! Comes with adorable boots and all you see here! Hair on the left is from [E] called Vivid and the right is also [E] and it's called Pretend!

Last but CERTAINLY not least to TKR is this an absolutely adorable children's coat rack by Sassafras! It comes with the coat rack, obviously hehe, complete with the chair and boots and the rug! It's so super cute. I totally moved my mommy's coat rack and replaced it with this one... Shhhh don't tell! :D

And this concludes our blog fooooor today! :D Check out The Kids Room (aka TKR) and [E] today to get these amazing sales, and check back daily for more fun stuff from Cosmic Scribbles! :DD