Tuesday, July 5, 2011

*** Get Those Camera's Ready!!! ***

My Momma calls me, "snapshot" for some strange reason. ;) Probably b/c I love taking pictures! What better place to take pictures then camp!!! So those that are going to camp or even if you're not. I bet you all have TONS of single poses and think they're only good for single snapshots of yourself? I'm here to show you some examples of having fun and mixing it up!

The picture above is actually 4 single poses but put into a group  shot. They are from Magic Nook, from left to right... mischief, teen, cowgirl, thinker. I loved these poses together!!! Its so much fun to make your own unique style!

Here's another cute picture, poses from Croire. From left to right: feel the breeze, chuckle, split second, head games. Then the last one on the right is from CheerNo, called edit p11.

Oh and by the way... I'm back!!! Yay for blogging, my new days are Tuesdays instead of Sunday. I had been gone b/c of things happening in RL. Going to be blogging about poses and of course still my goofy side will be mixed in there with random ideas and LOTDs.

Shoutout: Cabin 6 rocks... even if I have to wear *gulps*... pp... ppiiinn.... pink! o.O

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