Monday, June 13, 2011

The Kids Room...Is code for 'Fill Up Your Closet!'

Wow and this week, there's tons of adorable new clothes to fill up those closets at The Kid's Room! If you haven't been there, definitely check it out! It's a culmination of some of  the best kids stores in secondlife, bringing you awesome discounted items, replaced every 2 weeks!  So get ready, get set.. SHOP!

First off, we've got our two guest stores... Absolute Girls & Glitterbugz. They both make amazing items!

Next up is Candii Kitten, The Kid's Company & Larnia Kids

The Kid Company is replacing Glitterati at the Kid's Room and they open July 1st, so keep your eye out for them! :D

Next is Inner Peace & Chelsea's Children's Clothing!

And last for this blog, but certainly NOT least... Sassafras! :D

Make sure you stop into The Kid's Room for these awesome finds and several more, for awesome prices! These items will only be here for two weeks, so hurry in! See you next week! :D


  1. Where is your skin from?

  2. Yeah your skin is beatfiul <3