Friday, January 14, 2011

Your Guide to C... A... M ... P and Other Stuff

First off thanks to Jayden and Kaydia who covered for me last week I sooo appreciate it and they rock, So they are more then welcome to come back and sub for me anytime!

Hey There Peoples! If you are like me there is one thing on your mind right about now and that is C...a... I dunno if I should finish that sentence... *looks up at the stars* ooo sorry shiny moment! Anyways back to what we were talking about C..a..M...p... and even if your not going to camp there is alot of things you can use for family vacations and other things.. Let's get started!!! Here it is your guide to camp.. First off Pranks, and who cant use a good prank at any time of the year not jus camp time , This one from Lacie cakes has a spraying skunk, and a bear .. not to mention anything else we might need for the long cold winter nights. *points* seee alla that candy we hadda eat tonite! *peeks down below and points* Oh look its yellow snow how can you not be the popular one with this awesometastic fun snowcone booth, comes complete with writing and the stand! (jus touch to get a yellow snowcone) I know i know this is an awesome thing we all need for winter time.. or save it for the long hot summer. * you can get that at Whimzie.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Secondlife Stores 101

So, a few weeks back I threw out my 'Ohai Scary Ad' post giving new and current store owners some insight on how NOT to make an ad for their items! Today, I'm going to add a little more information to that particular topic, a couple other topics along those lines and I'm going to go all Glitterati up in this piece, as well. :) If you are a store owner or intend to open a store, this could be a good blog to read. :)

It's honestly all about the ads and presentation. Everyone sees what a good ad is, differently. Some people prefer backgrounds, some like glitter, some like basic solid color backgrounds... none of these are wrong as long as you follow a few simple guidelines: