Friday, August 27, 2010

When life hands you lemons....

0I say it's time to open a lemonade stand! This week, there's an adorable new release at DORK's, by dork Melodie- it's the most perfect, beautiful Lemonade Stand! You can serve lemonade, sweep up after, and just chill out.

It also includes three adorable crates for sitting with friends to sip lemonade or just hang out together. The texturing on these is exquisite and the detailing is just amazing. I have to give dork major applause for this beautiful build.

Be sure to checkout the cute outfits I found today as well...I hear all of them happen to be on sale for 50L!

Lemonade for Sale @ DORK's! Outfit: Larnia Kids kicks outfit

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School in Style

So this week marked the beginning of the SL school-year for me. I packed my lunch, fixed my own hair and got ready to ride the bus to my new class. I was sooo excited! I love the excitement of going to school again. Now the actual going to class... I think I gotta work on that!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I am in misery, There ain't nobody who can comfort me....

Okay so i'm not actually in misery completly the opposite actually I just love that song :) I hope you all had a wonderful week-end, I can't believe its monday already. Time is just flying so fast I can't keep up with the weeks anymore let alone what day it is! Anyway this week I dug out some adorable furniture pieces from a this little store I found a few weeks back. The store is called Cheap Cheap and its name is so fitting as the furniture here is so cheap.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I’m a yummy tummy funny lucky gummy bear!

Incase you haven't heard, there was a grand opening on the 19th. !Just Kidding! noo... I wasn't joking, the store name is called !Just Kidding!... It opened its doors with 4 different designers: Chloe McMinnar, Skyla Cyannis, Lainey Edenflower, & Lala Riler! (sadly wasn't present for questionaire/picture) They all like long walks on the beach, candle light pb & j sandwich dinners, and drinking root beer!!! ...or not but shhh!!!

Lets get this show on the road b/c I have lots of pictures and things to share! sings more of the gummy bear song first, "Cause I´m a gummy bear. Oh I’m a movin’ groovin’ jammin’ singing gummy bear. Oh yeaoooh!"