Friday, July 1, 2011

I know what your thinking.... CAMP

Yoyo! Everyone how ya doing? So we are back and I know there is probably really one thing your getting ready for... I know I am... and that is  CAMP .... So today we have  some cute things, that you can pack in your suitcase for camp , along with ways to get ready for camp, and some awesome stuff to make counselors do like sing... buckle up it might be a little long ride! First up Dirt... Playing on the beach and, running through all of that sand your going to want to let people know you've been having fun in the sand.. Now you can with these cute dirty feet layers, from Inner Peace they come in light and dark,and sock layers or tattoos, they look great with sandals too as you can see * points up *
Next we have a cute outfit that you can wear for all of your fourth of July activities and anytime really from Candii kitten called,USA Baby, and is fun for any occasion. This awesometastic outfit comes with the sandals and is a perfect outfit to wear to your parties, and picnics this weekend. 

Now how about stocking up on the books for camp Check out Sprinkles and Bingles for the  books to make the counselors sing, like this weeks flf book called Knick Knack Paddy Whack, this book is all about torturing the adults by making them sing,what better way to get to know a counselor at camp!

 What is better then a day at the Spa and now you can enjoy a Spa Day at home with this adorable spa set from The Kid Company, isnt it cute, after alla our shopping we set it up in our kitchen and its not even that messy so mommy wont complain about her kitchen bein messed up.. Both the robe outfit and Spa set are fifty L and what a better way to relax before or after those big camp days coming up! Maybe even something cute you can do in a cabin.

What a better to wait for camp then in this cute girls only clubhouse cardboard fort. You can find this at Absolute Girls, it has 3 poses in it but it was late when I wrote this so you just getta see one.  You can hide out  n be the first in line in this!

Everyone needs poses for camp, and how about this one from Posey called "The Brat Pack" perfect for you and two of your buddies. The other one is all about packing to get ready for camp from CCC adorable right Both these awesome poses are gonna be great in getting you ready for camp, and at camp! You always need friend pics right???
Last up for this all about camp post is the chalkboard from Larnia Kids, they also have autograph books, and other cuteness camp stuff this is a great way to let your friends know what your up to and where you are around camp, comes with cute messages like AFK, At an Event, Just bein me, offline, out of cabin, and many others.
That's it for today I hope you all have an amazerous time getting ready for camp See you next week !!!

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