Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oh My Glittering Pixies... I'm Tiny!

I know, today is the awesome Mufasa.. er Jamie's blog day, but she's a bit busy today so I have hyjacked the blog! :D Ok so... if you haven't noticed....there's an epidemic of Tiny Tots running around in Secondlife. Personally, I've never been one to be tiny.. but if you've seen me over the past couple of days... I am currently, tiny. Darn it, I drank the koolaid and joined the cult. *makes a sad face* But you see, the reason I did so was because I kept seeing these adorable plurks from Alkatraz Constantine and her store Turducken... and she makes the cutest tiny clothes for the little tiny tots.. So I blame her. But then I also saw a cute dress from Chelsea's and I was sold. I'm currently, tiny. *facepalms* Do you want to be tiny as well? Well, there's two ways! You can get the original Tiny Tot Hud from Sweet Baby or another version from Sneek! Both work similarly I do believe. :) Now, onto pictures of me as an adorable tiny, sporting adorable tiny clothes! :D

Outfit: Serenity from CCC (Found at the L.L.L Fair!)
Shape: Nicole from Turduken
Skin: Kianna from Mynerva (YES MYNERVA IS BACK!)
Hair: Bon11 by CriCri

Outfit: Bubbles by Turduken
Shape: Nicole from Turkduken
Skin: Kianna from Mynerva (YES MYNERVA IS BACK!)
Hair: Mo by D!VA

This concludes our Tiny Tot intervention for today! Tune in all next week for awesome blogs from awesome people, taking you to so many more awesome places! :D

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Matching #2

Today I was with my lovely sissy Janey and her momma Pet and it started to rain so we all went out and played in the rain in our rainboots. They both had the cutest pair of rainboots on so i asked them to pose for my blog today!

Monday, May 23, 2011

So Many Pretty Outfits... So Little TIMEEEE!

Helllllo Scribble readers! I'm so happy to still be a part of Cosmic Scribbles! I'm Candii, for those of you just tuning in... and I'll be blogging on Mondays! I'll  be featuring lesser known or newer stores in my up and coming posts, as well as fun, random stuff, too! :D So stay tuned!

This week, I checked out three lesser known/newer stores.. two of which owned by two of my wonderful friends and one by someone I have never heard of.. but I must say, I adore the outfits I bought from her! :D

The three ADORABLE outfits above are from three different places, all equally adorable!

On The Left
Skin: Arabelle by Apple May
Hair: Josie by Magika
Outfit: Watermelon by LVS Kids (Got outfit from the L.L.L. Fair)

Skin: Arabelle by Apple May
Hair: Mo by D!VA
Outfit: Frannie by Glitterbugz (Got outfit from the L.L.L. Fair)

Skin: Arabelle by Apple May
Hair: Josie by Magika
Stardust in Pink by Petit Silhouette

I've included the SLURL for all of the outfits, so check out their mainstores and grab these adorable outfits! Stay tuned, same fashion station, same fashion place, next Monday with me! :D

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Live-Laugh-Love Family Fair!

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you've heard about the Live, Laugh, Love Family Fair - a fair made up entirely of kids' stores, benefiting the My Stuff Bags foundation. They've got events, performers and fair-exclusive items - you've GOT to check it out! The official blog of the fair is here: Fair blog! You can find the schedule of events there, as well.

Today was Blogger Day, and the Scribbles staff got pictures of all the donation items, just for you! Now, there are tons and tons of items for sale, but we wanted to focus our (and your!) attention on the charity, today. If you click on our Flickr stream, you'll see pictures of all the items that donate a portion of the purchase price to the My Stuff Bags foundation. (Store owners, if we missed out your item, it either wasn't out yet or wasn't visible. Please let us know - it wasn't intentional, we promise!)

Cosmic Scribbles Flickr - donation item pictures!

Once again, don't miss this fair. The coordinators have worked so hard on it, the designers have made exclusive items, and best of all, it's for charity!

See you at the fair!

It feels like summer!

Happy Sunday, Scribbles readers! Hope you all had an amazing week - I know I did! Last week, my momma took me to a place that was sort of a cross between a playground, an amusement park, a beach, an ice skating rink and a swimming pool, all rolled up together - Sweetheart Park - and today, in the first installment of Cosmic Scribbles' new "travel" section, I'm gonna share that place with you! (My posts are picture-heavy, jus' so you know!)

Now, I didn't get pictures when we went last week - there were about ten of us, and we were having SO much fun that I forgot to take snaps! But this morning while Momma and Riles were sleeping in, I sneaked back to Sweetheart Park and grabbed some photos. Shhhhh, don't tell! Our secret, 'kays?

When you first rez, you'll see this sign, but don't worry, it's only a joke! The whole park is (PG) and definitely fun for all ages!