Monday, May 16, 2011

Guess who's back? :)

Hai Scribbles fans! After lots of re-organization and a whole ton of work, we're back - blogging schedules, super fun ideas and all! Did you miss us? We totally missed you guys!

We've been working so hard on a new blogging schedule, to make sure we cover absolutely everything for SL kids! We even pulled an all-nighter last night, see? We ordered pizza, broke out the Rockstars and cookies, and MIGHT have devoured more candy than we probably should have! But all in the name of blogging, right?!

Schedule and a corny joke behind the cut, as well as outfit details - squee!

All new Cosmic Posting Schedule, for your eyes only, so shhhhh!

On Mondays, Candii will be showing you stuff from stores you might not have heard of before, as well as clothes and other random items. We love finding new stores, and can't wait to share them with you, too!

On Tuesdays, Kaydia's got bunches of cute poses to share with you, just in time for summer photo sessions (and camp, squee!)

Wednesdays will be Riley's day, and she's got hair and accessories! She always finds great hair places and accessories that can't be missed.

Frannie will be showing you all sorts of clothes on Thursdays. She's a regular fashionista and always puts together the cutest outfits!

Friday is Kenzie, with Fifty Linden Fridays, hurray! Be sure to check for her post before you shop - she'll show you the cute items on sale that day! She'll also be updating you all on the TKR items!

Saturday we've got Jamie, with furniture. That girl has more furniture in her inventory than anyone we know, and she'll show it all to you.

On Sunday, Jane will take you around SL in our new travel section, showing you family friendly, fun places to go, and the things you can do there, along with a LOTD.

Our "special" posts will belong to Abby and Daisie ~ we're totally looking forward to those, too!

Are you excited?! We are! We hope you like the new schedule and can't wait to hear from you all in the comments section, or in our email,!
Here are our outfit details, and the info for our props too, before we go!

On Riley:
Outfit - Babydolls - Sunny Days
Sandals - Babydoll's - Caymen sandals
Hair - [E] - Fresh - essentials collection
Bandaids - Reek - I<3Bandaids (knees)

On Jamie:
Outfit - Babydolls - Peacey
Hair - Truth - Emily
Glasses - Gritty Kitty - prehistoric glasses

On Jane: 
Top - Inner Peace - Abby
Bottoms - sweat.pants (navy)
Shoes - Larnia Kids - L Khuckers (denim)
Hair - [E] - Past
Tiara - Babydoll's - from the Lorella dress
Pretzel mouthie - *MIU*
Glasses - primOptic Elois glasses

Our props in the pictures are from lots of fun places!
Candy - Laciecakes (part of a Mischief set)
Box of Rockstars - Kewt Kids
Milk & Cookies - RC Cluster (no longer open)
Desk & wall decorations - what next
Chairs - Glitterati
Giraffe - Sassafras
Pizza - Food @ CAS
Notepad with crayons - Second Spaces
Pose - Estetica 

Phew! We're messy huh? Jane's momma made us clean it all up when we were done though, so it looks nice now, don't worry! :) See you all tomorrow!

Sparkles and rainbows!
The CS bloggers!

Oh, and the corny jokes! What do you call a boomerang that doesn't work? ... a stick! :D


  1. Gaahhhhh so excited!
    Awesome post sissykins <33

  2. Yes! Welcome back girls :D Looking forward to all the cutenessss

  3. *dances around* We are Back!!!! I am so so excited!!!

  4. Welcome Back!!