Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it....

*hums along for you all* Much better than me singing I promise youuu! Anyhooow I am SO excited today that I've spent the last 24ish or more hours dying of cuteness and making some pretty pictures for you all today to show you some awesome newness that is coming all of your way very very sooon! As many of you might know there is an amazing new kids store starting up this coming friday called The Kid Company and the lovely Kaitlyn gave me a sneak peek of some cuteness which you can find there!

I don't know where to start I think my inventory exploded with cuteness when I started looking at some of this sooo I think to start with I'll go with the cute stuff...that narrows it down really well! I'll start with the Dobby dress...which is sooo cute it comes in like 6 or 7 different colors all so prefect for summer! If you spy closely too you can see that all the shoes are different styles too...from princessy diamonds to cute little bunnies all too come in a whole bunch of colors!

 There are some more adorable summery dresses...and plenty more to be seen too when the store opens!
Nooow above are just a very small selection of shorts, capris and jeans. They come in so many different shades and things especially the linen shorts on the far left come in lots of different colors too! The tee's also seen are just a few of the many many and they come in short, cropped and long sleeve.
There is also lots and lots of floaty pretty skirts which are in lots of different patterns and colors. Also if you look closely again there are some more styles of shoes which will be available toooo!
Alsooo you may have notices above I was wearing some cute sockies well the lovely Sissi String has been busy making some adorable accessories for The Kid Company too. One of my favourite thing's she's made are these awesome little footies. There again is ooodles of colors to pick from an just because I was feeling a bit colorful I picked out a few of the brighter ones too show you but there's also a pastels and neutrals pack!
Lastly for all you princess out there is this amazing formal gown which again comes in lots and lots of different colors to pick from so if your not a pinky girl then there's lots of blues, purples ect too. I love the detail of the lacey arms on this dress. I wish I had one like this in RL too...and the tiara of cours!

*falls over* Okay that was a bit of a long post today but this isn't even half of the cuteness which you will be able to find at The Kid Company which opens this fridaaaaay! So all of you plurkers especially be keeping an eye out becuase I'm sure there'll be SLURL's floating around for this exciting store opening!

Alsooo stay tuned as later in the week there may be more sneak peeks of what can be found!


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    Thank you so much, you made it all look so fab! I'm so glad you like it, I really hope everyone does too :D Ahhhhh so exciting!!