Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh Cuteness and Daddys!

Ohai everyone welcome to the FLF experience this week. Im gonna kinda do a short post and  make it quick with just a couple of things that were available , Remember you just gotta check it all out yourself... The first Oh sooo cute pose is from Candii Kitten, and is called " attack of the kidlet" I was in a directors mood so I mostly made my daddy n brother model today arent they cute *points up*
While we are on the topic of poses this set of four comes from Rainy Day Kidz  and has some super cute poses with it called, "Dance with daddy," " Kiss his Cheek,"  " Best Dad," and " On his back"  Im only gonna show you a couple of them .. Avenge is wearing Lil Rascal from Larnia Kids you can pick it up there
In this dancing one, I am waring the new outfit from Sasafrass called ladybug, Abby came out with total awesomeness and that was one of them.  
Up next on our short FlF trip is the cuteness family vouchers you can get from LacieCakes, they are good for certain events, like Snuggle time, and Reading who doesn't want that ???
The last two outfits we have are from Larnia Kids, and  Baby Couture. Love from Larnia kids is an adorable short outfit  with a cute heart on the shirt, comes with two shirt bottom options.
The Last outfit is Kier from Baby Couture, comes in Tiny Tot and kid sizes and is a totally cute skirt outfit you can wear to many places
I know its short and I can't fit everything in here but Every store has awesomeness to pick up today, So don't miss a store. Happy Fathers Day to all of you Fathers, and others that act like Fathers!
See ya next week

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