Friday, July 22, 2011

Ohai There!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys! Here we are again already on Friday, there is alot of awesome stuff out there today but I'm Just gonna do a quick post. I hadda drag everyone shoppin with me and here is the result we all found some cute outfits, an adorable blanket and a great book to wind the night down with.

Maelie and Calla are wearing  outfits from Glitterbugs, One says My Mommys the Best, and the other one says Daddy's Girl, there is a choice of four outfits at Glitterbugs so pick your favorite or get em all!  The owl Maelie is holding is from Sassafras, isn't it the cutest little stuffie ever.

Lainey is wearing Lemon from InnerPeace and a Gummy Bear Mouthie, you can find that at InnerPeace too!

On me you see Larnia Kids, Callie Outfit, Its bright and Summery and totally cute with a little butterfly and lots of colors.

The book is called Biscuits Picnic, and who doesnt love reading stories , this is from Spronkwings Book Store, where you can find many other books for your library.

We found a blanket that wasn't on the list but its adorable and from Emjay Kids, this is a lounge blanket and seats one.

There is a cute painting pose from Lovely Smiles, and I'm sorry I didnt get the chance to get a picture of that. Also for you boys make sure you check out Glorious Insanity, and Larnia Kids, we didn't forget you either!

That's all for tonight! See You next week!

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