Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gatcha Gatcha and Saturday sneak peeks!

Gooood Morning Lovlies! I'm soooo excited to be back blogging again but sadly today don't have too much time today to write a lot about each of what I'm telling you about but there are a few exciting things. To start with today the second round of the Gatcha Festival started, and my god I love gatcha's! Luckily I got some pretty cute things first time round so I didn't sit there all day trying to get them. Although I do have to say...The Gatcha Machines that talk back to you do scare me quite a bit *hides*

Firstly I wandered over the the ModestHouse gatcha where there are 4 adorable album skyboxes to pick from. They come with the cutest little quotes inside written on the walls and they are perfect for that little spot you want to escape of hang out with friends far away from your parents eyes and ears! On the bottom right you can see a lovely little toadstool/shroom seat which includes 3 poses and is from a store called Saturnine Dreams. I will admit I maybe played this one a coupe of times to get a purple shroom! Then behind me in this picture hanging over the window is a gorgeous pair of curtains from North West. They are re-sizable too and there is a long and short gatcha version.

Next on the top left & bottom right we have this oh so cute 'Happy chair' from WhatNext. I literally live for whatnext furniture and this chair is too adorable, It comes with tons of poses as usual and you can win upto 5 different colors. Okay then on the bottom left we have this wonderful little sofa from Starstruck and you can win this in countless number of colors, I was lucky to get one that matches my adorable new skybox! Lastly from the gatcha fair today we have in the top right picture a beautiful photoframe from North West, There are so many different options in this gatcha but I only managed to ever get the single frames! Also in this picture is this cute little beach blanket from cheeky pea, I know beach blanket is in the name but I thought I might try it out for a little nap anyway! So everyone visit HERE for all the above plus so much more cuteness, just don't blame me if you get addicted or anything like that pleaseee!

Now today I have an extra special sneak preview of soemthing adorable you can find at the LLL family fair which opens TOMORROW!!! (I'll pose the SLURL link when it opens) So above you can see one of the colors for the EmJay Summertime Bedroom sets. Its so adorable and there a almost hundreds of different animations in the bed and chairs not to mention its super low prim so you can use all the spare prims up on uhh tping the house or flooding it or something...not that I'm encouraging you to do so...but I mean its always fun right :D I haven't had much of a chance to have a look around LLL yet so keep an eye out for next weeks post for a chance to see all the adorable furniture you can buy I know Sassafras has some fantastic newness for you at the fair!

Lastly I promise after this I will be quiet but I have a quick LOTD. I don't have time to add SLURLS right now but I will later when I get the chance! I was basically playing around with some older clothes while attempting to sort out my inventory.

Skin//Cupcakes - Daisy | Hair//Friday-Sasha in Passionate Red | Top//Babydolls - Jahya in Green (part of outfit) | Vest//Ribbon - Lace vest in White | Skirt//DP yumyum - Tutu Skirt in seashell | Shoes & Necklace//Dream Doll - Edna in Green | Ring & Bracelet// Babydolls - Jahya in Green (included in outfit)

Thats all for this week, I hope you can find a few things you like and don't forget to keep checking the blog daily because we're always hoping to have lots of newness about!!

*throws sparkles at you all and poofs*


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  1. You look so cute! I love the little bedroom set and all the color!