Sunday, July 3, 2011

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star...

Hi guys! In the middle of all the Hair Fair buzz, the opening of the new Truth District and the excitement of signing up for Summer Camp (!!!) have you heard about an adorable little festival called The Twinkle Night Bazaar?

I checked it out just for you guys the other day, and found some cute, unique stuff that you won't find everyone wearing. And know what? Some of it was FREE, and the rest of it was super-cheap too! Always good when we're supposed to be saving our money for Camp, huh?

First up, this fluttery fairy dress from Honey Kitty, at the bazaar. If you've never been to her main store, you should check that out too! I get lots of little accessories from there, like knee socks, hair clips and headbands, and I hafta say, I've never seen anyone else wearing them! This dress has the prettiest twinkle-star fabric for the skirt. I love the little stars on the top too, and the puffy sleeves! The headband is sold separately, but you can definitely wear it with other stuff besides this dress - I'm thinking awesome jeans and a plain top, then finishing the look with this headband. My ring was from my sister Riley and it's from Lacie Cakes, and my pose (and all the poses in this post!) are from the amazing Glitterati. My hair is Rumor, from [E].

Next, two more super cute items from the Twinkle Night Bazaar, and a swimsuit I can't live without. See that clip in my hair? It's from [Love Soul] and you get two in the package. I looooove the colors! So so so summery, right? That swim floatie is from +mocha+ at the bazaar, and it's in a gatcha sorta machine, so you never know what color you might get! Watch out though, for falling packages when you pay the gatcha! :D My swimsuit is from CCC and I love it because of the adorable little ruffles and matching sandals. I think I might have to go back and buy the rest of the colors, cuz this one will be worn out by the end of the summer! Oh, and my hair is About, from [E.]

These last three items are from the Twinkle Night Bazaar as well. See my mouthie? It's from The Secret Store, and it's SO yummy. These are in a gatcha, so you might get a different color each time, AND they're trans, so you can buy them for your friends, too! My shirt is from the festival too - from C'est Moi! It took a bit of resizing, but I love it! That bag is FREE, from [Tou Fromc*]. I loveeee the little ribbony bit on the handle! I stuffed it full of candy to take to camp, shhh, don't tell. My hair is from DPyumyum and it's #24. My shoes - oh my gosh! These are my favorite shoes in SL! I don't think the store is still open, but these are from Zero Number. Oh, and my shorts are Aoharu, cuffed jean shorts.

Those are just some of the super fun things you can pick up at the bazaar! Guys, the landmarks I linked to in my post are to the main stores, but the Bazaar is here, through July 11th. Don't miss out! And be sure and tell us what stuff YOU liked, too!


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