Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Your a Firework...

Come on Let your colors burst.... Hiya guys here we are at another 50 L Friday and today there is such an awesometastic variety of things we covered the whole color spectrum! While showin our awesomeness, so watch as alla the colors come out from the awesome creators we have.  First up EVERY prank kit at Whimzie so while I was there I picked up the aquarium prank.. and once I came home I hadda show my colors and turn my bathroom into the best aquarium, * check it I have mine own octopus and penguin now* grins!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A New Journey

Hi Everyone, it's me Kaydia. I just want to really say sorry that I've not been around to stay on top of my blogging. I know, it's so bad... but I really hope to make up for that.

There's one thing I've been noticing in the world of SL and that is most top designers and well known places have completely renovated their sims. After the bustle of the holidays and in to the new year, many folks felt the need to start with a new journey themselves. What better way to embrace new than to redecorate a valued place. I went around to some of the sims that I knew had changed taking pictures and jotting down some of the stores you'll find and what their main stores sell. There are even a couple that are all about the kid community and provide a very important service.