Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hair Fair 2010!! We're like a melody with no words...

I was SUPER fortunate to be accepted to attend the Hair Fair Blogger day, the day before it opens (Sept 3rd)! It was pretty lag free and SO overwhelming. There are 4 different sections to it and each section holds a STACK of tents. But don't fret- don't panic you will get through it all. (That's what I said to myself anyway). Remember when you get there to start from the beginning, see everything. You don't wanna miss an awesome hair! Also DON'T go by the names you already know. Explore a little more, try on demos. If you see something you think you may like, no matter the name- Try it on, who knows... it may be your next favourite hair!

Now I've brought you 9 hairs that I fell IN LOVE with. Some are from shops I already love and some from shops I have NEVER heard of. But remember, this is only a tiny sample of what is there. I have a bunch I am holding on to, to show you at a later date when I more or less feature hair shops on Tuesdays. Now the SLURLS I have listed are to the MAINSTORES only, not the hair fair stall. These CANNOT be found at the mainstores yet. I will tell you which section of the fair they are at though.  (Hair from Truth -Minx. Outfit from Bellies and Inner Peace, Glasses from Reek, Makeup Purse- *LMC*)

*WARNING* This is a very lond winded post, full of AWESOME hair and photos!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Love like Woe

*skips in singing*
You must know by now i love poses, right? ... You didn't know? Really?
Well i do! But it's not just about poses for pictures. I also love furniture with awesome poses. There's nothing better than finding super cute furniture that also has awesome poses built in.

First up i wanted to show you this super cute pose from [BC]Munchkins. Kylei was nice enough to pass it to me and i adore it! It reminds me so much of my RL childhood. I used to get my grandpa to draw my heights on the wall of my grandparents kitchen. I had a little smile on my face when i saw this.

Now the best bit about this post is the fact it's all bright and colourful. See that bedset behind us? That's The McKenzie Bedroom set from Sassafras by our very own talented Abby. It's been out a while now but if you haven't been to look at it you really should 'cause it is truly awesome.
For a pose addict like me nothing beats furniture with lots of sits built in and that's what abby does.
*waves her head around to get the blood flowing again* I shouldn't sit like that for too long. I get dizzy.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hair here... Hair There.. Hair everywhere!

Hey!! I have an exciting new post for you guys. It may only feature TWO hairs but I have a GREAT little exciting fair announcement at the end!

So first to start, I was happily humming and going through my inventory looking for hair to show you when I came up upon my Tiny Bird collection I have going. I decided to pick two for you that I REALLY like. I'm gonna keep it simple this week, mainly because the next few weeks will be FULL of hair!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

G.I. Joes, Stuffies, EZ Bake Oven, Dollies, and more.... Whats in your toy box???

Puts down my crayon and moves my Christmas wish list over to the side. Yup, you heard it Christmas list!!! August 25th was the marking of 4 months to go until CHRISTMAS! I'm trying to prepare early for Santa b/c I plan to be on the good list... uhh somehow! So, in case you don't know what toys are really out there, here's a way to prepare (says in a deep powerful voice) FOR THE FUTURE! You know, like a movie narrator guy would do... Here we go... a blog about some of my favorite TOYS!!! ... breaks into a musical... "I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feeeeeeeel soooo sad!"